Sunday, 6 June 2010

I have got to stop making bags!

However I just have  a few more to make!  Yesterday we popped over to the Isle of Wight (10 minutes on the Hover and 10 minutes from our house to the terminal - so it is popping!) - lovely time on Ryde beach, stopped for tea at grandmother's and of course popped into the charity shops (rude not to!) - bought a few bits and bobs including this piece of embroidery for £2.  Started sewing within five minutes of getting home...

Do you remember Aqua Manda??

When I was about 12 my older sisters all had Aqua Manda - I never did - how I longed for a bottle of perfume or talc.  I admired the bottles from afar and examined the adverts in Woman's Own.  I never did own any of these exotic potions...until day!!! At the car boot I bought an unopened bottle for 50p - so something that I had yearned for has been reduced to such a low value! How times have changed.  I might put this in Bronte's 70's bedroom and it will go a treat on the shelf