Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Milly~Molly~Mandy and Billy Blunt do some gardening............

Hello again and thank you once more for your kind words about my corners!  Your kindness about Mr Langford was touching -  he did give me permission to use his first name but Mr Langford was always Mr Langford.   I am running a couple of weeks behind so I am late replying to your thoughtful comments but I will do so ('She is always saying that isn't she...') and will put some Jammy Dodgers in the biscuit tin in case you pop round.

Time and tide wait for no man  and here we are with a new purse..........('She made time for that right enough...')

The other day I thought to myself:
 'I am in dire need of a new purse......' 

In truth I had overheard the ladies at the till in the Co-op chatting about purse standards dropping since 'The Wonder Years'........... .

I was not too sure about 'The Wonder Years' but set about trying to remedy that very situation as best I could.  Thank you again to Beachcomber for the idea

This then is my Milly~Molly~Mandy purse.  Sadly I had no suitable black Sylko with which to embroider and had to make do with grey - I then 'cheated' and darkened these photographs in order to pretend the blackness. Sorry about that....life is just one big facade......

Bronte then chirped up: 'Are you  going to 'colour' the embroidery in?'


This is part of the new embroidered purse range entitled: 'Embroideries from our past'.

These purses will feature a mix of :Paddington Bear, Winnie the Pooh (only EH Shepard....but then you knew that already didn't you), Magic Roundabout, the works of Tenniel and Scarfe.  If this goes well I will venture into some Holbein, Van Beyeren and end with your basic Kandinsky just to keep Bronte happy .

I have eclectic tastes!

By pure chance one of my old plant tins bears an uncanny resemblance to the one in  the drawing!

I like the earnestness of Billy Blunt

I had to do some searching for the reverse but eventually found this 50s fabric with a splash of colour which was sufficient to enhance the overall effect I think.

Inside is a bit of blue

In progress.....can you see that the fabric is cut off an old tablecloth!

Below are a few of the grandiose 'Spring makes' which I announced last time.

Some little lavender bags in a little wicker basket (I did not make the basket)

 Made a few different 'horse' purses - this one looks wonky but really it wasn't

I did not make this tablecloth

Maille made her first macaroons

.....and I ate them..........

 Accompanied by a nice cup of tea which I did make

(this blog post is getting more colourful as we progress through it)

The embroidery which I finished the other week has been used  for a pocket on a drawstring 'seaside' bag

I was going to insert eyelets in the bottom corners but got cold feet as last time I tried that it went all wrong -  this time I sewed the straps in place and covered with a button.

I was quite pleased with this until I showed it to one of my sisters (YES - YOU) who made less than favourable comments..................

I had yet more strange looks when I was taking these photographs - perhaps I looked a little odd sitting on the children's old chair supping my tea and staring wistfully across The Solent!

I decided not to paddle my feet but did eat my sarnies in a Force 8 gale ( have checked my Beaufort and this is about right.......)

Made some other bits but not really worthy of viewing to be honest - let us call them 'conceptual art' pieces and be done with it.

Thank you as always for calling in.

I am off to the Co-op to spend my sixpence...........

PS: I am trying very hard to get a batch of work completed so that I can have some time off next week - managed to distract myself by blog writing so now I am all behind again!

PPS: Given that there are some fellow Radio 4 listeners out there did you hear last Sunday evening Tim FitzHigham recreate Sir John Throckmorton's 1811 attempt to have a coat made from scratch - from a sheep's back to his own in a single day (reminded me of that old Blue Peter episode with the knitters).  I thought it was a great piece of radio programming and I was on the edge of my seat nearing the end - better than the Great British Sewing Bee final even (though that is going to be a nail biter!).   As it is only the first episode I will make a point of listening in to the rest.

PPPS: What I love about the radio is that it doesn't tie you down like a telly does - you can move about with a radio.