Saturday, 29 October 2011

Vintage Autumn leaf china today

Today some friends came round for tea - Dom made a very nice Vicky sponge so my job was to get the china ready.  Not an onerous a task you might think - well it bloomin' well is in our house!  I selected one or two cups but then  rooted around and more turned up.  I now wish that I had chosen a different leafy tablecloth (I am sure that there is another one in the house..).

This has all been bought from various jumbles and car boots over the past few years.

Added to this it has been a lovely sunny afternoon here and it made this room very bright.

Forgot to take a photo of the cake and a pretty orange cake stand - now that I am writing this I have just remembered that I have a cake stand with nasturtiums on it!  Maybe tomorrow!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Lampshade making - simple but quite effective!

This is yet another of those jobs that I have stored away in my head - well today I finally got around to doing it.  These lampshade kits are very easy to use (I have not mastered the art of anything other than this cylinder!) - choosing the fabric is the most time consuming part.  I had some other 50s fabric in mind but thought it a bit too girly for this particular room.  Geometrics it is then.
This fabric was designed by Herzberger (something like that anyway) in the 1950s and comes in various colour combinations.  Makes for quite a smart lamp.  I have recently purchased one of those huge shaped lampshades that I was going to attempt to recover - the art must be in getting the bias right.  Any tips gratefully recieved.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Sewing with the wrong glasses!

Sewing whilst watching the telly last night - a dangerous game as I need two pairs of glasses (should get bifocals really).  So I either see a blurry telly or blurry sewing!  Well the result is this:
What I really need are two eyes that can move independently from each other!!  That way all events are covered!  On top of this I chose silly fabric for the white - too thick - as a result of that my fingers were aching by the time I finished the wretched thing!  Changed glasses at the final hurdle only to find I had missed all sort of stitches...grrr Still it is only for pins.  Made this with some little scraps left over from the CK make.  My sisters are planning a trip to London to track my purses down in her shop

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Getting distracted....again

Meant to have a very quick search for a particular tea cosy (more properly a tea cover as it has no padding) didn't find the one that I was looking for but did remind myself of these:

Some of them I have used to make lovely (I think!) little bags (just right for little things) - so often these cosies are embroidered on both sides so double the value I reckon
I particularly like one with houses on:
This type always seem to have lots and lots of embroidery - the more the merrier!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Still clearing out stuff....

It can be tricky deciding what to 'hang on to' and what to move on to pastures new.  I keep a selection of nice childhood things that I think the children will want in later life - all too often I put things by the front door (ready for a new home..) and then change my mind.  I have already donated a little wooden cot to my local charity shop (who, by the way, are asking extraordinary prices for some of the things that I have previously donated) - this one is particularly nice I think.  I am thinking of making a little Miffy quilt for it. What do you think?
When I took this 'photo I rememberd a vintage Galt puzzle that I have - I do love the graphics on these puzzles, I have a few of them.

Then I started a bit of tin rearranging..then a whole morning goes by and I still haven't finished my bloomin' essay!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Getting ready for Christmas - starting too early??

Well I have already starting opening the vintage Christmas cupboard and sifting through the contents.  Vintage 'stuff' lends itself very well to the Christmas festivities don't you think?  I am in the process of sorting through my Christmas bits and bobs - but started making little Christmas displays that I can then photo for my Christmas cards.

This is a favoured Christmas tin - just right for mince pies!
This wreath I made back in the summer, on a very hot day.  I am just in the process of making some more as my sisters have persuaded me that it would be a good idea to have a stall at one of the popular vintage fairs next month.  I fear that I will only have the shabbier end of shabby chic to sell so I am trying to 'up my game'
In fact I know what will happen - my sisters and I will end up just swopping with each other and we might just as well stay at home.  I intend to remain resolute and clear some space in our house!  Watch this space!  Can I just add here that for some quirky reason I cannot comment on my own blog or the blog of anyone else - not sure why. Any solutions gratefully received.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Is the saying 'More is more' or is it 'less...'.? Anyway purses nearly all done!

There was a little bit of vying for pole position in these photographs!!  Not q-u-i-t-e finished (you might be able to spot this!) but wanted to take a photo of them on a sunny morning - all in rows like soldiers.  Off to a shop that had kindly ordered this batch - I hope that they like them because there are only so many purses that I can use in a lifetime! 

You may have heard of the shop that ordered these purses - if you see them when you are tra la la'ing around town please let me know.

I will post a picture of the backs of these purses as I think that the fabric is rather lovely

I see that this has been on Pinterest for some time and just to demonstrate that I will post this - where people do clearly read what I have written but then clearly choose to ignore it -  it was merrily repinned by the person who had read that 'I was not happy'...mmmm
lovely re-use of embroidered linens
lovely re-use of embroidered linens
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Wilma O'Dell LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!
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Sandy Reid This is tooooo cute!
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Melissa Meyer Ely This would be a great gift for a bride on her wedding day. Does anyone know of a pattern? I checked the host website and she does not offer any instructions, just pictures of her projects (and she doesn't seem to be too happy her pictures are being posted on Pinterest!). I have my late mother-in-law's embroidered pillow cases and these would be fabulous to give to her granddaughters.