Sunday, 23 October 2011

Lampshade making - simple but quite effective!

This is yet another of those jobs that I have stored away in my head - well today I finally got around to doing it.  These lampshade kits are very easy to use (I have not mastered the art of anything other than this cylinder!) - choosing the fabric is the most time consuming part.  I had some other 50s fabric in mind but thought it a bit too girly for this particular room.  Geometrics it is then.
This fabric was designed by Herzberger (something like that anyway) in the 1950s and comes in various colour combinations.  Makes for quite a smart lamp.  I have recently purchased one of those huge shaped lampshades that I was going to attempt to recover - the art must be in getting the bias right.  Any tips gratefully recieved.


  1. Great makeover (although you did not show the 'before'). The fabric looks to suit the lamp very well. What sort of shape is this other shade?

  2. (Another) lovely lampshade Jenny! I've cracked the problem of not being able to comment - you uncheck the "stay signed in" button!

  3. Well, I've got a small lampshade that has a tear in it, it's a horrible plasticky thing and I need to recover it. Had thought of using buttons on wires, but don't really want to see the bulb. Then thought of sticking the buttons onto the shade as it is, but decided against that. It's been waiting for recovering or something, ALL summer. Prevarication rules OK

  4. Hi there, is this lampshade for sale? I love the hourglass fabric :) cheers rob

    1. Hello and thank you for your question - this particular lampshade is pressed into use every day. I have made and sold these in the past but sadly found them too costly to make and not really worth while. I have made smaller things out of this fabric in the past too - you are right it is a lovely design
      Many thanks