Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Maille's new/old elephant mug

You can't win with children can you?  We have enough mugs in our house to provide  tea to an army so I thought I would pass some on to  the charity shop.  I dutifully cleared those from the very back of the cupboard, that I know have not seen the light of day for about a year or so.  Just A FEW days later my younger daughter was teary eyed as she could not find her suddently SPECIAL elephant mug.  There was, by now, no chance of rescuing it from the shop but LO I found a delightful little mug to replace it!  It was duly gift wrapped and presented, and accepted with good grace!


  1. I love our blog! I just came across it this evening and I am venturing back into your archives already!
    I found this mug probably about the same time or just before you originally posted this. I bought it in anticipation of our first child being born. He has since loved it and since cracked it. But alas we still enjoy admiring it from afar high upon a shelf.

  2. that's meant to read *your blog.