Sunday, 7 March 2010

Welcome to the Custards

Gosh my very first bit of blogging - well now that I am here I am not too sure what to write! Blast!! I was so full of hope and promise! Anyway just like many hundreds, if not thousands of women I dream of that little tea shop, with vintage china, home baked cakes and crisp linen and there I am tra la la'ing around smiling at customers! Never to be I'm afraid so this is my virtual little world where I can live out in that vintage world of cosiness and loveliness. Of course I would like to share all of the lovely bits and bobs that I have aquired over the years and share also my love of things old and not so new.

My main likes are making 'stuff' out of vintage fabrics and hand embroidered fabric - this results in a house having an awful lot of vintage bunting (this is changed with the seasons, of course!) and far, far too many bags. The range of 'stuff' covers pretty most of the last hundred years! That means things from the Arts and Crafts Movement, through to the 1940's (excellent for Crinoline Ladies!), the wacky 1950's and on to the 1960's. I sadly can produce a teaset from each decade and then co-ordinate it with a tablecloth.....I have many failings. I shall list those failings (in no particular order): old books, tablecloths, vintage china and fabrics (and a few others... chairs, clocks...)

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