Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A vintage Easter in the making

Just as at Christmas so Easter is a time when I can routle around my cupboards and, 'ta dah' rustle up some vintage Easter bits and bobs. Of course there is vintage bunting to be found and delicious vintage tins - with an Easter type theme. These are dispersed around the house in that Country Living fashion. I am busy making Easter Egg Hunt bags - all from vintage hand embroidered fabric (otherwise rendered useless due to some sort of damage) - I then force them into use by making by children tra la la around the garden looking for eggs (eggs which I could have simply handed to them in the morning (they are of that age when the hunt bit is not so charming as it once was!). Anyway here are a selection of vintage Easter delicacies!


  1. Hi Jenny, I commented on this yesterday but it seems to have disappeared! Hope I haven't put a jinx on your blog. The Easter Egg Dye is wonderful, a once in a lifetime find!

  2. I've been offline for so long that I missed the "opening" of your blog. Congratulations! You have so many wonderful things, I can't wait to read the stories behind them. I'd love to know how you make those adorable embroidered bags, too. Good luck on your blog.

  3. Hello Leslie - what a lovely welcome! I am still hit and miss trying to follow anyone else - what seems to work with some doesn't work with others! Happy Easter! Jenny