Thursday, 2 February 2012

Heart warming hand warmers

Very easy to make and much needed on a day like today.  About five years ago I accidentally boil washed a vintage mohair scarf - I was particularly cross about it at the time I recall!!  I have one or two vintage scarves but we won't dwell on that today...cough, cough...

Of course I did not throw the scarf away but hid it waiting for the right moment.  Today that moment came!  Cut out simple heart shapes - mine are a bit bigger than the palm of my hand.

I used pinking shears for the edging - spent a little while dithering about whether to embroider the front or not, decided upon buttons as it is quicker but will do some embroidery ones too. Then use your trusty vintage enamel funnel  (oh come on - I am fed up with the pretending that goes on - you do have one!) to fill your shapes (I used felt for the reverse as the mohair would make them a little thick). I used rice but when that ran out I used some lentils (double handiness because when you run out of food you can use your warmers to turn into dinner!).

Of course I knew that both children would be needing them so made four - one for each Polly Pocket...

Update 18.19 - Had to go to the Co-op to get provisions, very cold (not as cold as some places I know!) so thought that I would test the efficacy of heart warmers.  Warmed them up (30 seconds) and popped two down my top and one in either hand.  They worked a treat and soon I was all aglow - in fact by the time I reached the Co-op I looked a little like Fenella Fielding (Carry on Screaming - where she asks Sargeant Bung if he minds if she smokes...) - I was gently steaming like a wet dog!!  The warmth lasted until I had walked back home - next time I will increase the warmage to Warp Factor 40 (a slight risk of skin damage but what the heck we only live once!) in an effort to lengthen warming time.

Update on the update 18.35:  Following the success of putting two warmers down my top I am now considering fashioning some sort of body wrap.  I hate wind chill so I think that a body wrap would work quite well - it might look as though I have had some prosthetic work but what the heck we only live once...


  1. LOL-down your top?? What a great image I have of that. You really need to explain the "Fenella Fielding" reference to me. Great use of your washed woolens. Extra lentils, too.

    Rose Red Cottage

  2. Ho ho! The wonders of t'internet - here is a link to the clip to Fenella in all of her glory. Load of old nonesense really - British humour! Kind regards - Jenny

  3. Sorry I'm only just catching up with your blog, but I'm laughing away at the thought of you wandering the streets with warm rice bags secreted about your person!
    Ah well, they can't touch you for it! (Another classic saying.)
    And yes, of course, I am devotee of Carry On Screaming...
    Foul... Feet... Smell... Something horrible!

  4. That carry on classic was on TV last week! Love this idea and as I am on half term holidays with a cold I am going to try this today:)