Monday, 27 February 2012

My baskets brimeth over

I mentioned that I have one or two baskets - they are handy objects don't you think?  Dom thinks that they are pretty awful...

I like to line my baskets, sometimes with vintage embroideries or with vintage fabrics.  I am especially fond of little children's baskets and 'forced' my children to use them they were younger (poor souls).

I sold this little one last Easter - why did I do that?

These are some large and some small..Too many???

There are just perfect for Easter time aren't they - a multitude of uses!

See - useful for all sorts of bits and bobs, I used  nice barkcloth to line this one above

Anyway have you seen the price of these in a certain Emporium? Gulp! Well I have had a good look at the lined ones that are in that shop,  so for some time I have been lining mine in this way - I will demonstrate thus:
Take your basket and cut out rough shapes that will fit, use tape to keep in place around the exterior and  pin fabric around the outside (the pins will becomes your approximate stitch line).

Oh, I nearly forgot - after you have cut your rough shapes sew a hem around what will be the top of the lining - then stick and pin!

Shush it around a bit to check that you have got  it  roughly the right size (tape is handy again here I find). If your basket has a flat bottom just draw around it to get the base pattern - an approximation is all that is needed.  I/we are not after perfection are we???

With the right sides together stitch all your pieces together - I then use a glue gun to glue to the top side only.  Don't worry about damaaage (always spoken with a French accent please) to the basket - I always find that this type of glue will peel away quite easily - this means that next week you can change it to something else!

Fill your lovely basket with pretty la la la's and fiddle de dee's and twirl and swirl around..


  1. Hello again dear Jenny! I love your beautiful basket collection! One can never have too many baskets! They come in handy for so many things. I am sure your dear children enjoyed carrying them. Thank you for showing how to line them. Love all of yours! xo~ Paula

  2. Gorgeous, I especially love that barkcloth lining. I do love baskets...and tins, and trays..oh dear, too many lovely things in the world! That is certainly quite a collection, I would definitely not get away with accumulating that many, at least not until I've got a workroom of my own...aah, one day I will have a space for twirling! :)

  3. The basket with it's new lining is gorgeous - I re-lined my grannies old sewing basket last year, it totally transformed it. I used some vintage styled (new) fabric but I now must look out for old embroidered tablecloths. You've given me lots of ideas, thank you.

  4. Oh my sister would be in heaven with your collection - she adores baskets. I think its in the genes as my Mum always took a basket shopping - we used to complain as it took up so much room in the car and we were always catching our precious stockings on it.

  5. I too am a basket case, I have a couple of ms. Kidstons, gorgeous as they are, I still adore the vintage shapes,I have a few hampers too they are so very useful and make my heart skip a beat [or ten!!] when I have the opportunityto purchase more for my collection.Kind regards Pam.