Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Vintage gifts for the seamstress

Sorry not the best photos -  to be honest all done in a bit of a rush - I could have chosen much nicer accoutrements.  Anyway this is one of the vintage embroidered 'do dahs' that I made the other day - this one is small and will hold sewing thread (just what I have always wanted...not!).  I feel a whole range coming one with different coloured buttons denoting different coloured threads!  Daft really.

The reverse and top is a delicious piece of 1940s (maybe even earlier) linen fabric that my sister gave to me - a very small strip but I have made it go a long way.

This embroidery is tiny but perfectly formed - it was from an old table mat that sadly had mildew in the middle that no amount of soaking would budge. I rescued the embroidered cottage that was on it and made that into a purse a while ago - I remember that I was not too happy with the shape of this purse but I did love the embroidery

I feel some vintage Spring embroideries coming on

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  1. How great to see these vintage fabrics being reused!