Friday, 24 February 2012

More bloomin' pursey things and a vintage cottage montage!!

You will recall I am sure my recent unexpected trip to a place I never go to (what the heck does that mean!) - you remember, the day I came back laden with 'stuff' (the blue fabric that I then busied covering the suitcase with...that day, yes that one).  Well I also bought this painting of this cottage - it was only £2.99 and as usual I had the wrong glasses so asked the girl in the 'local shop' (now we do all know what I mean here!) if she could tell me if it was embroidered (my eyes are that bad nowadays!).  She kindly got a huge magnifying glass (thank goodness the children were not with me - oh the eye rolling that would have incurred) so that I could see that it was painted.  It looks almost like a painting by numbers picture but it is painted nevertheless - it was in a horrible frame so I have taken it out of that to admire.  Either way, fiddle de de, I like it real or not.  I then made a 'matching', sort of, pursey thing.  Then rummaged round the tablecloths...wish that I had fished out one of the one with cottages on.

I do like the sateen fabric on the reverse. Please admire my bottom below...

A full reverse shot!!!

I do like mother of pearl buttons also

Ending with a cottage full frontal!


  1. It does look a lot like paint by numbers, which doesn't mean it can't be gorgeous - which this is!

  2. Lovely! and huge admiration for your bottom!!!!