Thursday, 23 February 2012

'Ghost' lampshade in Bronte's bedroom

Just hastily writing this in case you have popped over from Mollie Makes today - realised that there are no photos of that lampshade here!

Dom says that we need to have a vintage blanket clearout  - as well as one or two ( oh dearie me that dreadful cough again) crochet ones I seem to have acquired enough woollen ones to supply the army!!

All rooms in our home get changed pretty regularly  - a continuous stream of adding and taking away!

This room is 95% from charity shops or car boots or home made - I think that the children would love something new one day! Nothing in this room has cost very much - except the bean bag, I think that was £30 (cripes) but I tried making one once and never again!  Jenny perhaps you would like to share why your bean bag making was not successful? Could it be that you were too mean to buy a pattern and tried to make one out of newspaper, but you were too mean to buy a large newspaper so used sticky tape to enlarge the pages of  free one that comes through the door?  Maybe...

 Bronte and I fixed all sorts of bits and bobs to the lampshade and since these photos were taken more stuff has been tied on.

These are toy metal tea cups

 I like this old chenille poodle dog thingy!

This is a teeny doll's tea strainer - why not! I think we were thinking of Alice in Wonderland at the time.

It will be different again next week....

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