Thursday, 23 February 2012

Revamping my revamped bike

Just a little post to say a fond farewell to my bike in its present form.  I have decided to change the colour - Dom insists that this means I have to take the whole thing apart and that I should on no account try and paint round the fittings...
It was particularly lovely weather today - sometimes when I am cycling by the seafront I am practically stationary in the oncoming wind.  I can puff along to the supermarket and back.  From where this photo was taken it takes me two minutes to get back home again (make that four minutes if I am going into the wind).  I always use these bags for my shopping - I have a little army of them depending upon whether it is a 'big shop' or a 'little shop'.  I do tend to wobble a bit as I cycle along...

PS: I know you wish to know if this is a top of the range, super,duper, Pashley, Dashley is a very bottom of the range, second-hand, via Freeads, Slowly, Lowly bicycle....I love it dearly

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