Friday, 24 February 2012

Peg Bag Season - est arrivé

Pegging out officially started for me yesterday - a sunny day with some warmth that could start the drying process.  I have never had a tumble dryer (never wanted/needed/desired) so drying clothes through the colder months can be tricky.  I like to update my peg bag every so often, though some of these I have sold in the past - many have gone to Australia.  This first photo is my current peg bag - I do also love a nice wooden hanger

The one above is from two 'seasons' ago.  I love painted wooden hangers also!!

This red one went a bit wrong - I hadn't left enough room to get your hand in - it remains in the "Drawer of Shame" (said with an echoey voice).  I love painted wooden hangers with faces on too..

This one looks a tight fit (cue the song..) but in fact was just fine.  I hope that wherever you are in the world you are also having some sunshine to peg clothes out too. PS: Add in a nice vintage apron for extra tra la la la'ness

My flurry of blogging should soon be drawing to a close - in 'real life' I have several contracts that start in March and keep my hands/head occupied with more cerebral matters (just adding in here that I do not think for one minute that making things does not require a brain - quite the opposite - for 'real life' I just have to use a different part of it!) for the next few months.  I was working at a local hospital on Monday and met up with a group of my students - I reminded them that we would only be meeting one more time before the end of their course.  They kindly said that they wanted me to be their tutor until the end of time - I was very touched, especially as I was teaching cellular respiration at the time!!!


  1. OOoooh - you should take the red one out of the DoS (you make me laugh) and use it for a cover over a lavender pillow to keep moths away from your wools..

    I'm already anticipating Major Withdrawal Pain when you begin your March schedule...

    1. That's a nice idea - in fact I will give that a go and use the hanger for something else (that to is in the DoS - forever to be abbreviated in that way from this day forth).

  2. I'm sure you will think it's awful, but I cannot imagine life without a dryer. I don't think I could ever get everything dry. I think it's very much a cultural thing and unfortunately I think it is a very North American thing to do - have a large dryer, but I think I would go over the edge without one.

    I keep my clothes pins/pegs - the terms are interchangeable in Canada - in a small fabric shopping bag, provided by Hellman's Mayonnaise. It came attached to a ginormous jar of mayo one summer and was so small I couldn't imagine what use it could be. I thought my idea for using it was terribly clever, but I am rather ashamed after looking at your lovely work!

    You know.....I HATE it when paid employment gets in the way of having fun!

    1. Not awful at all - practical. Though I have my fair share of days where soggy clothes are all over the bannisters and backs of chairs I don't really need a tumble drier. Go Hellman's - a practical solution to all pegging problems.

      I should not complain about paid work - I am very lucky in that I really love what I do. In fact I had an email last night from somewhere that I used to work asking if I would like to teach anatomy and physiology to some dental nurses for a few weeks. I love that subject so much I would almost pay them to do it!!

    2. I shouldn't complain about my job as it is interesting and challenging and I appear to be fairly good at it - or so people say. BUT, I work a full week and sometimes overtime and I'm just tired out. I am getting very close to retirement and that is looking very, very enticing! I have so many interesting and exciting things to try and I'm anxious to get at them!


    3. Good for you Jane. I fear that I might come across as a bit lazy but in former days I worked a 60-70 hour week (rising to even more sometimes if the on-call was very busy). In part I feel as though my working life was 'front loaded'!! I wouldn't say that I got burnt out - just a little singed around the edges perhaps. Happy times with your retirement!

    4. Thanks! I would leave now but with 3 adult children - all in post-secondary school programmes (college/university) - ALL living at home, I can't quite see myself leaving work just yet. Within the next 18 months , I hope!

      ...........but............when my little birdies have found their wings................who knows what life has in store?

      My goodness, I wouldn't use the word "lazy" to describe you!