Friday, 3 February 2012

Pretty Maids all in a row, a row, Pretty Maids all in a row...tra la

I really, really have to use up my little (cough, cough) supply of fabrics and vintage embroideries.  I was busy sewing until late last night and then worried that in the cold (brrr) light of day they would be all skew whiff.  I only have about another 50 or so to make and then the ladies will be clear I think....
I also used NEW fabric - some Cath Kidston fabric that I had bought to make a bag for Bronte's flute (sounds a bit fancy to have a bag for a flute but it really isn't!).  Don't worry in case you thought I had gone mad buying new and expensive fabric , we live near a CK outlet so it was half price.  Little pieces of fabric go a long way.

I have made these as larger sized make up bag type thingies...some are lined with wipeable nylon (which sounds awful but good for housing toiletries) others with vintage florals

Do you know I only learnt how to put zips in last year (I watched a tutorial on You Tube) and now I am a zip fiend!!  I am thinking of adding some zip charms, made from little bits of vintage embroidery - but thought that this might be gilding the lily - what do you think?

This one I have lined with pretty florals...I am not too fond of making the same thing over and over again, so these will all be slightly different, one way or another

Some have a mitred bottom and some do not (ooeer missus!!)

I did not put a binding on the top of these last two, now wish that I had!

All in a row....

Most of my ladies end up having career in South Korea - who knew!!


  1. "skew whiff" - another of my mother's sayings! Who knew?

    The bags are lovely - your seams always look so crisp and tidy to me!

    How interesting about the South Koreans liking crinoline ladies - I suppose they look very exotic to them.

    Thank goodness for Youtube - great source for learning all sorts of things.

    :) Jane

    1. We could go on and on with British sayings do you think Jane. At the moment Maille is very keen on 'being very chuffed' with things - in fact she is 'chuffed' with the word 'chuffed'! Have a warm day - Jenny

  2. wonderful!!!!!!
    where can i buy this beautiful stuff?
    (find you blog over kaylovesvintage)

    kind regards,

    1. Many thanks - I wonder if you mean 'stuff' in general or these crinoline ladies in particular? My sisters are my best source for these but over the years I have collected many, many of them. Sadly they are often thrown away if there is damage or stains but a little bit of embroidery goes a very long way in our house. I love regenerating these old embroideries into something else - these little bags/purses are my current favourite thing to make but I make bags and bunting out of them too.
      Thank you again

  3. These are just stunning. Love the CK on top as well. I live in Australia and have had trouble finding some CK fabric at all. Your vintage creations are sooo beautiful.

    1. Aww thank you - I don't usually mix old and new but I that this went quite well. You might have seen the kiss clasp embroidered purses in an earlier posting? Those were a special order for Cath Kidston (I have been dining out on that ever since and my family are very bored with it I think!!) but only using vintage embroideries and fabrics. They sent the fabric to me - so I felt quite pleased and somewhat ironic given the vast quantities of new fabric that they must sell!. I hope that you track down some lovely fabrics
      Kind regards