Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Inspired by...

I am now at great risk of not completing required work needed to start 'proper' job tomorrow - I have been thoroughly distracted by Marcie (the Rustic Victorian on Flickr ) and her lovely little mannequin on flickr.  I have just made a prototype of our own and I am now in grave danger of being distracted for the ENTIRE DAY.  I will not be decorating this properly with a little vintage embroidered apron (made out of a tiny scrap), or trying to fashion a little shrug (made from vintage Paisley fabric rescued from an old Tootal scarf!), or fishing round to find a collection of old Victorian lapel pins.  NEITHER will I be then making one for Bronte out of 70s fabric for her to hang her jewellery on....I MUST GET ON!!!  Last year I sold my lovely, adorable 1930s mannequin (gnashing of teeth - but she was rather large) - I do love the smaller version and followed an online pattern here: to make my own.  This is only the first one so lumpy, bumpy and lots of seam wobblege.  I will adapt the pattern as I would like more nip and tuck!

Have changed things a little this afternoon so these pictures are in reverse chronological order!

This is an old bracelet that I remember buying at a jumble when I was a teenager - 30p I think (a long time ago!)

The teeny weeny knife was given to me by my mother when I was about 12  - it opens up and is fully functioning

The candlestick I rescued from the charity bag that I keep by the front door - I feel guilty so may have to put it back in!

I will confess now that it is not finished - I cannot think what to complete the neck with (I am thinking of a mini tower of mother of pearl buttons - large to small size) and not stuck on to the base

I was actually looking for some Victorian lapel stick pins but remembered these little teeny, tiny Edwardian baby brooches.  Why?  I am not really sure..

Anyway a very, very easy pattern - it was my execution that was lacking

Just using up scraps of vintage embroidery and the fabric is from a huge roll of 50s cotton fabric that I bought at a car boot two years ago (£5 and there is lots and lots of it).

I must GET ON


  1. You just described my day yesterday - I totally did NOT do what I was supposed to do in the interest of a new diversion. But you had much cuter results...your combination of fabrics/scraps is so charming! And I have never seen such adorable baby pins!!

    The fabric that you have 'lots and lots' of - have you ever tried any over-dyeing? Just curious.

    1. Mmm - over-dyeing, now that is something new to me so I will have to search t'internet and have a ponder. Thank you for the tip!

  2. Hello sweet Jenny! Marcie is a very dear friend of mine. I enjoy her beautiful photos on flickr, as I do yours! Your little mannequin is gorgeous!!! I love the vintage embroidery you used! The baby pins are so sweet! I look forward to seeing the others you make! You are a very talented lady! xo~ Paula

    1. Aww - thank you for your kind words Paula - I trust that life is being very kind and gentle to you. Fond wishes Jenny