Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Homes under the Hammer....thrifty half term entertainment...

Like many others I love the world of miniature things - ever since we were sent a postcard of Queen Mary's dolls house when I was little I wanted to live in that world.  We took the children to see that most splendid of dolls houses a few years ago and it did not disappoint!
Anyway I was wandering to the Post Office on Monday and popped into a 'local shop' (I think that we both know the type I am talking about) - saw this for the grand sum of ten of our Kingdom's pounds.  As it happens I bought a smaller version of this dolls house about four years ago for two of our Kingdom's pounds (and it had lot of furniture) so I was not sure if this purchase was a good buy.  However this one is bigger, better condition and has a balcony!!!

Detail preserved for posterity....

The poor home was in a  bit of a sorry state and needed a clean up - so it was all hands on deck for a 60 minute makeover!!!

The furniture all comes from other dolls houses that we have (oh dear that awful cough again...) - the little cushions I made (after a fashion) for Maille a few years ago.  I hear that Draylon is making a comeback!

As the sun sets in the west we are watching the Coronation on the telly - hang on a minute, as this is 1977  I think it is in fact the Jubilee.

Bronte was chuffed to find that the bath could hold water so put bubbles in to celebrate!

I am fed up of telling the children to close the fridge door.....

We decided to set our hair in rollers for the evening

...and we are very pleased with our new 'phone

All in all we were very pleased with our ten pounds worth of fun.  

It was a shame that my big head got in stage right (or left depending upon your perspective!).  This kept us entertained for hours and we then got the other dolls houses out....anyway the point is that you don't need to spend a fortune.

Vintage - the gift that keeps on giving, ho, ho!


  1. It's beautiful!!!! I have a thing about doll's houses as I didn't have one when I was little, despite being desperate for one - when I find the right one I'm going to buy it for myself (although I will let my boys play with it if they're very careful!). Saw an amazing one at a car boot sale last summer but stupidly hadn't taken much cash & couldn't afford it, still think about it now! that one is definitely a good buy, have fun with it! :)

    1. I am glad that I am not alone - all-in-all it was £10 well spent I think. I hope that you find one soon - car boot season starts shortly!

  2. I too bought a strange 40's ( I think) dolls house at a" local" shop for a fiver. much to my families scorn as it was covered in manky old felt! I love all your bits of furniture and am planning to titivate my little house in vintage retro style soon.
    I have just discovered your blog through the Molly makes pic. It is lovely and reading some of your posts I feel sad that people lift images etc. without linking them back to you, or asking.I do Pinterest but always link back or make it clear where images come from (I have'nt pinned any of yours!) good manners and kindness should always be used wherever you are.

    1. Aww, many thanks for your kind words. The older I get the less tolerant I am of what I see as being poor manners. It's a bit world out there! I will look out for your house. I was planning to recreate our own house in the dolls house but that is bordering on craziness I thought.

    2. PS That should have read 'big world'! 06.30 Up nice and early ready for the long day ahead... I might start another blog about my lack of sleepage