Saturday, 25 February 2012

Bronte's Blythe comes for vintage tea

The joy of having a reasonable 'back catalogue' of photos on Flickr is that I can now peruse my photos to make my blog-a-thon. Chose these ones today.  A while ago Bronte and I had a lovely time creating scenes with Blythe (sorry I have now forgotten the name Bronte gave her).  She is dressed in some old Sindy clothes and an old knitted cardi.

The cakes were a little on the crunchy side and to be honest the tea was not the best.  The wooden bead brooch my sister gave to me when I was about 10!

This dress is another jumble sale job lot.  The brooch bottom right my sister gave to me when I was about 11!! All scraps of embroidery are pressed into action.

The 'truth' behind the scenery!  See - I said old suitcases come in handy!

Friends coming round for dinner later so need to start cooking - custard again perhaps!!

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