Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Vintage Peter Rabbit - getting ready early for Easter!!

Just over a year ago I made this selection of items from some vintage Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit fabric (from the mid sixties I think)  that sister Sue had given to me.  I thought that I would now post those things here so that they are carefully preserved in the ether!

Lampshades are simple enough to make - I used an old one here (20p from a charity shop) and this time I sprayed fabric glue over it.  I made a template (by rolling the lampshade onto a piece of paper and drawing round it), cut the fabric out and glued it into place.  Make sure you tuck the hem around the edge neatly - I finished it with matching bias binding (you can also make your own trim).

What I particularly like are the little teapot and cup - which of course are the same as in the book illustrations. You can then add in some fabric bunting and a little Easter Egg hunt bag....

If you don't have any Peter Rabbit fabric you could use an old Peter Rabbit book instead - sadly these are often to be found in a dilapidated state, here is your chance to rejuvenate them!

And when you have done all of that you remember that you have some alternative Beatrix Potter fabric and you start all over again..... 

PS This one is just big enough for two Cadbury's Creme Eggs (sorry for the advert!)


  1. These are stunning, and I think they would also look wonderful in a nursery. Big fan of Beatrix Potter :)

  2. Lovely, reminds me to think of spring, so pretty.

  3. Just found your darling blog and I am over the to take a peek about xoxo

  4. Very cute. I too am a big fan of Beatrice Potter.