Friday, 17 February 2012

What a difference an afternoon makes...

There is one room (apart from that one!)  I have shown very little of on flickr.  The reason for this is because when we moved in, and  started decorating, Dom chose the colours in here...taupe....As the vintage wallpaper in the spare bedroom is still under threat I am now trying an old distraction technique so have persuaded Dom this other room now needs a redo.  We last decorated this  10 years ago and it is looking worse for wear.  I can see it all decorated in my mind but I will have to compromise to fit in HIS ideas...
This fireplace used to be bog standard white - this blue might look a bit bold but hold your fire (ironic word choice) - we have to take a breath and think about the bigger picture..

Dom kindly painted this while keeping one eye (just the one) on the rugby last weekend.  This photo shows the fireplace after one coat - Dom insists on two or even THREE!

The fire surround is quite big so does not leave too much chimney breast exposed (pardon!) - there is also a picture rail and then the original Lincrusta from 1910 above that!  That leaves a little bit of wallage for further decoration.  I suggested that we might use our my 1950 Sanderson wallpaper.  Some may remember on Flickr my gloatage when I bought this original wallpaper - now being reproduced but this is the real McCoy - the ends are zig zagged, a bit like Izal....  Would you use it?? I am  likely never to find this ever again but there is enough for what is needed and Dom agreed that it would go (I don't think he looked too closely to be honest).
As so often is the case I then started scouring round the house finding old things that might go nicely with the fireplace.  I bought these teeny tiny cups about 25 years just never know when things might come in handy (I have others with different coloured innards).  Similarly the 'thing' on the right was bought many moons ago - I usually use it for salt!

Of course it will takes us some time to finish start this room - it will be done in stages...I will update when there is a update to be updated upon.


  1. Hi Jenny, so the trip to B&Q was defiantly worth it then? Because the fireplace looks great! It was lovely to see you the other day, and I adore your blog, it is amazing, I'm on it all the time. It's giving so many ideas for my textiles coursework, anyway better stop going through all of the photo's and do some homework (sigh). Well happy blogging!

    1. Lovely to see you the other day - did you finish the painting? Thank you for your kind words - if ever you need any fabric (I have one or two bits..) then please pop round. Bronte would love to see you and Nicola
      Best wishes

  2. Well, I had to look up "Lincrusta" - very interesting! I am very fond of that blue. You have a fabulous home.

    1. Aww thank you - if only I could stop re-decorating I am sure it would be fine!