Saturday, 11 February 2012

Come back Woolworths....

Maille has been invited to a birthday party and wished to buy something from Ms Kidston's Emporium by way of a present.  How I miss Woolies - the establishment for purchasing birthday present items for many I think.  You could always find something suitable in Woolies.  Well I would not go to the Emporium but I did, kindly I thought, offer to make something out of CK fabric.  You recall my crinoline lady bags I am sure (lowers eye lids and blushes) - well as well as  buying 0.5 of a metre of fabric for Bronte's flute bag I also bought 0.5 of a metre for Maille - phew, always best to be even handed.  Late last night (22.45 to be exact) I made this from leftoevers:

I 'created' a little shelf for this to rest on for the photo - I pulled out a piece of fabric (1960s Sooty towelling fabric to be precise) and now cannot shove it back in...

In that 'too smug and satisfied with myself' sort of way I like how the zip turned out...

And of course my bottom is to be admired...thus -

Despite the cost of fabric (even at reduced prices I still consider it to be pricey) this still works out as a reasonably priced present I think.  We put some little bits and bobs inside.


  1. your bottom is beautifully formed! and such a neat zip too. could do with learning to do that myself, it looks really professional. Rachel

  2. i wish i could do zips too. i know i'd be mighty pleased to recieve it for my birthday pressie - you should feel rightly smug!! i miss woolies too - especially for the toys and childrens clothes.

  3. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP.....I LOVE your blog, you have inspired me to carry on sewing and do lots of new projects. I have stripped our local charity shops of any decent tablecloths....duvet covers etc.

    my day is not complete unless I check out your blog

  4. Yes your bottom is admirable! I love your neat stitching! The fabric is wonderful.

  5. Many thanks for the kind words and bottom admiration!

  6. A wonderful bottom! perhaps you could help us lesser mortals acheive such perfection!!!

    1. Many thanks - bottom creating can be found within an older posting of mine here:

      Kind regards