Saturday, 18 February 2012

A simple make for a Spring gift

These have been swimming round my head for some time (along with world peace, global warming, children's future - I have capacity to cram it all in).  My thought was to make these with a zipped top so I did a mock up of it but it was  too fiddly for me and not quick enough.  Late last night (along with world peace, global warming, children's future) I thought that this would be the way forward - very, very quick and very, very easy!  But what the heck are they I hear you cry? These are little bags to hold your garden twine of course.  Mind you they could be for thread/ribbon of any description I think ( I put wool in the one below).  Of course I will have to make a few more to get them out of my grey matter - I have just made some out of vintage hand embroidered fabrics that are particularly lovely but it is too dark now to take a photo.

I have not lined these or done anything fancy - plain and simple = two rectangles sewn together

I will be selling these in my new shop which will be opening so far into the future it will never happen...


  1. What a great idea!
    Can you tell me how to follow you please??
    I can't find a button anywhere!

    1. Many thanks - if only I knew how to find a button I would put it within easy reach. I think it might be the format that I have made this blog in - when I look at this blog on our old computer it looks different and there is a follow button there. I may have to change it back sadly!

  2. I love your linens and tins and sense of humor ... plus your good ideas. I also have been looking for a Follow button ... or maybe you don't want any?


    1. Aww thank you - I wish as much adulation and plaudits as I can muster! See previous reply - I don't fit easily with this modern world sometimes! I do like the look of this blog but it isn't particularly user friendly I fear!