Sunday, 26 February 2012

Spring really, really, really is in the air

Ah the warmth of the sun - blissful is it not.  Been out in the garden lots and lots this weekend and already feel like 'getting more done' - amazing what that golden disc in the sky can result in.

I have been trying to sort through some fabrics and came across (in the way that you do...cough, cough) a large cake tin that was joyfully full of about fifty vintage embroidered bunting triangles that I must have cut out a year ago and then put away for some reason.  Well I have been able to whizz that up at long last and also found the 'fronts' for several bags and purses (again I must have cut them out and they  then went into the "Drawer of Not Yet"  (also said in an echoey voice - similar to the DoS but no shame attachment).  I have finished some (not all because the "Drawer of Not Yet" does not like to be completely empty at any one time!) this weekend.

Fished out one of my favourite Blackie books to team up with a finally finished bag thingy - tra la.

My love of Blackie books is worth a whole blog on its own I think! 

One of my sisters gave the fabric on the reverse to me - it is my current favourite and I think the colours are super!

Please do let me know if, at any time, my bottom is beginning to irritate!!

I could just add a dash of salt (maybe a pinch of pepper) and eat this fabric up!!
Finally my Blackie book gets a solo opportunity


  1. I love your little purses! but what are Blackie books?? I've never heard of them! They look fabulous!

    1. I will do a little posting just about Blackie at some point - Blackie brothers (and dynasty) were the force behind the publishing company and had great marketing. The company cornered the market in prize giving books for children - so every school prize and Sunday School award would inevitably be a Blackie book. I started collecting them as a teenager so have one or two...I was going to sell some on Ebay this weekend but once I look at them again I cannot bear to. There is a Blackie book for most joyful occasions!

  2. That vintage fabric for the back goes particularly yummily with the embroidery!! I get vicarious pleasure from your perfectly executed bag bottoms. (I've had to re-phrase that last sentence several times.)

    Are the Blackie books all illustrated by the same author - or at least similar styles?

    1. Thank you for all bottom admiration! All are illustrated by different people - a wide range as they were in print for over 100 years (though the peak of the children's books were from 1900 to 1950-60 really). I could eat them all!

  3. As the lucky recipient of one of your little bags (complete with the same gorgeous fabric backing), I second that! Bottoms up!