Monday, 27 February 2012

First Flickr Photo

This was not strictly my first Flickr photo but it is the first one that is there now.  I made this a few years ago to fit inside a Bonne Maman jam jar - I just used iron on interfacing to give these little scraps of vintage embroidery and fabric some support and glued them into the jar lid. You could make a whole series of these - I made this as a story jar to create stories with the children.  When in the jar it does not photograph too well but it does have little birds hanging from bits of thread down inside the jar.  A few years on it still sits nicely on the shelf and has not flopped!


  1. Hello sweet Jenny! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment! I love your gorgeous blog and have always enjoyed your beautiful flickr photos! Your creation is just amazing and so beautiful!!! You are very creative! I will have to try making one of these. Best wishes to you! Paula

  2. That is so lovely! I recognise the little girl from Judith Kerr's Mog stories. What a great idea, I will be sharing with a good friend who is currently a bit obsessed with Dioramas! Thanks for sharing as always.

  3. What a lovely idea - that is such a sweet way of telling a bedtime story. Now, have I got an empty Bon Mamman jar somewhere??