Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Getting safely to school - vintage children's fabric and shoes to match!

Two posts in a day - this is a sure sign that I am supposed to be doing some proper work and I am putting it off for as long as I can (gulp).

Anyway, I am busy making a 'range' (a bit grand I know) of different zipped bags/pouches/bags (not sure what to call them).  I am about to start rummaging around my 1950s fabric and cutting into it (gulp again...) I have made one from some lovely Herzberger fabric (some left over from the lampshade I made before Christmas) but forgot to take a photo - for now we will make do with this one made from some 1950s/early 60s children's fabric.  What do you think?  Did you notice the crease on the side?  Grrrr - into the 'Drawer of Shame' (that Drawer is pretty full I can tell you).
Add in a few vintage Ladybird books, plus or minus a vintage tin..

I bought these little shoes from a junk market stall about 12 years ago - I used to cram the children's feet into them regardless of fit!  Recently I took them to a vintage fair to sell but very pleased that no one wanted them (they still have their original box).  I am bit useless at selling things to be honest.

Reverse of purse - coming home is equally important!
PS tomorrow I will be digging out my old Tufty club badge....what do you mean you didn't keep yours....


  1. It´s wonderful! Would be the right purse for my son - he comes to school next august.
    Sorry for my bad english ... was sleeping in school a lot of years ago :-(.

    Best wishes to you,

    1. I suspect that your English is far better than my German! All the best with your son starting school
      Kind regards

    2. Hello Jenny. Hurrah! Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't, comment on your blog. Love the new layout and the daily postings! You mentioned a shop in one of them, please do tell as I hate to miss anything custard related. Mary xx

    3. Hello Mary - I am constantly on the verge of ditching the whole blog think, flickr thing as it seems a veritable moveable feast to me! When the children log me out I have to go round the houses to find myself again - I can locate my blog but then have to search for the bit where I can log again. Couple this with not being able to remember which of the many passwords I have it is a trying business - still, on the wider scale, nothing to fret about! Any mention of a shop may have just been a thing in my head I think - I did list one thing in etsy and then withdrew it for fear of 'not good enough' comments. But I do thank you for your kind words as always Mary - could we set up a shop...in Lewes perhaps??? How I would love that Mary - tablecloths for tea time, arrangements of vintage niceness in every nook and cranny (some things for sale, many not...ho, ho. I even imagine a 'live' window display - perhaps you could be operating a treadle sewing machine and I could be prancing around swishing vintage fabrics...maybe not then....