Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Divided Self...............Voting now open!

Apologies if you were expecting a discussion regarding ontological security but thank you so much for your exceptionally kind words on previous post. I have had to travel through London several times recently and took my new bag with me: I smiled at everyone I passed on the underground/overground in case it was YOU and we might stop to chat about my bag!!!!!  As it happened I did have some old bag admirers....................but none of the 'Custardsphere' (thank you modflowers) persuasion.

What happened to July.....

This post was sparked by a recent rummage through some china in order to 'prepare'  for the kitchen (steady on - it will be months!) with the photograph above representing my divided self.  I have wittered on many times how I do not possess a discerning palette, indeed my palette accommodates all and sundry (hence a house full of junk, rubbish, tat, tut,  tasteful items).

Just realised that nearly fours years ago to the day I posted this -same old, same old.....

One half  (see below for expansion of terms) of me the one half loving florals and fussiness and the other a more spartan, colourful approach. There may also be other facets (neutral linens and driftwood for example....oh dear) but I am concentrating on these two today....

Sometimes I am a triangle.... pentagon...octagon.....dodecahedron...

The combination above is perfect for elevenses - a mid-morning refresher if you will - giving you some pep for the day ahead.  However afternoon tea (at four) needs a more genteel approach - this is where I reach for the florals and something a little more restful (I would like to nod off at this point...).  Actually the more I think about this perhaps the above would be better for the afternoon when I need perking up!  The floral fabric below was given to me in a charity shop recently : the helper was leaving for pastures new and had put a stash of fabric to one side waiting for me to turn up.  That was very kind especially as I only go there once in a blue moon.  The teapot I bought for £3 the other day and the cup I have had since a teenager.

Which do you prefer? Perhaps both fill you with horror.

 I was going to do a whole series of these (different decades/styles throughout the last century) but just doing these two took ages : I may have become a little distracted with china and fabric along the way.

It is easy to be distracted.   Originally I was going to build this post around this piece of linen - the divided self represented by the same woman in different colours. This is a wonderful design by Thea Tanner

Still has its original label and price tag.

From this I distracted myself with a piece of fabric by Bibbi Swahn.

Some of you might remember that I was lucky enough to buy a long framed piece of this from a charity shop a few years ago.  It has hung in the hall ever since where the cheery faces meet and greet. This is the old post about  Bibbi Swahn

This piece  is a a slightly different colour but also in perfect condition....I was going to cut it up but of course could not bring myself to do so.

From here I then admired these pieces below. 

Are these old Ikea pieces below  do you think? 
 I tried 'blurring' two colour examples...not sure why

I don't think that they are that old : maybe 1980s.

I have seen some Ikea fabric being sold as 1950s original and though Ikea has been going for some time I bought the same fabric I had seen (on t'internet) from Ikea circa 1985 (still have it....hang on.... it is now officially 'old'!).  There is a fair bit of misinformation out there don't you think : just because it says so on the internet it does not mean that it is necessarily true.  
Caveat emptor!

Anyway this cheery design comes in several different colours

As you can see it is easy to be distracted and also with the other things which have been going on at 'Custard Towers'.  Nothing exciting but just busy with life.

PS: Due to the heat there is no 'PS' of note this week!

PPS: Somewhere in the house is my old copy of  'The divided self' - worth ploughing through

PPPS: I hope that you are all able to have some sort of break over the summer. I am heading for some time off next week.

PPPPS: Many thanks to 'mystery' Blogger Mrs K/C who was able to sort out my bra and knicker showdown. I will never purchase such items over the ether again! Many thanks my dear and I hope that one day we will finally meet up. Life has some very queer turn of events indeed.