Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Finished business...

Thought I had better show a more positive side to my sewing and post some images of bags that I have completed.  I cannot find most of my older photos now... of course this might be because I have thousands (!) of photos all in one big file all unlabelled - needle in a haystack!  Here are the ones that I have managed to unearth

The embroidery on the  one above  is particularly well done and pretty - I spent ages searching for the right button I remember and it was on the brink of going on to the uncompleted pile!!!

I love the sweet peas on this one

Pansies nestling in the corner

I often spend just as long searching for the 'right' lining - this one has  vintage embroidery inside and outside!

The one above is a clutch type purse made for Easter time and tra la la'ing around.  I love the colours.

I particularly like big buttery buttons - I thought that this one went well with the big buttery flowers (I do like the stitch that has been used for these).  For the reverse I used some wonderful soft green vintage velvet so this is nice to touch and to look at!

This was made as an Easter Egg hunt bag (daft I know) and went tra la la'ing off to France I think.  The stitching was superbly done.

The one above was a Spring bag (as with purses I think that it is useful to change bags according to the season) - a nice Mother of Pearl button was used here and I used vintage embroidery for the handles, which you can just see.

This little red one hangs on our lovely 1950s coat stand when not being used - it acts as a daily reminder of the care that women (and  men too) have put into making the world a prettier place. It is the perfect size for a little (vintage embroidered of course) penny purse (I will post about those one day too!) and house keys and the embroidery goes all the way round.  I love this one very much indeed.

Blue birds are back in fashion I think - never been out of fashion in our abode - this is another little bag that I made for the children. You are never too young to go 'tra la la'ing'.  The lining is some marvellouso vintage fabric that I could eat for breakfast

Below is an example of my recycling the recycling that has previously been recycled.  As you know I use my old embroidery bags every day and for my shopping.  The bag was a little worn so I used buttons to replace worn out flowers and added a stronger lining to take the weight of the shopping!

Found a photo of my pansy bag with handles (just to show that it can be done if I really try hard).
I wonder if anyone is thinking that I make too many bags...

Of course my really, really lovely embroideries I have not yet used...

Put it all together and what do you have....a bit of a jumble but it keeps me happy.  Jenny could we please ask if you have now exhausted all the vintage embroideries in your house? Answer: Some things are best left unsaid..

 Most of these photos are already on Pinterest sadly taken from my flickr photos........I am on the brink of giving up!  If only I were an international super, duper business then I am sure I would love all the free adverts - sadly with my myopic vision I don't see that aspect...Watch this space as The Custards on-line shop will be opening very soon and then I will be begging everyone to put onto Pinterest!  Ho ho

Found this today on Pinterst - my lovely cushion reduced to a bloody pin.....


  1. Lovely to see them altogether like this. Like a garden of flowers. Such beautiful work, as you say. Online shop? About time! Are you going down the Etsy route or some other way?

  2. You can never make too many bags! They're all very lovely. I think Flickr has now stopped people pinning from their site to Pinterest. Time to sew...

    1. Thanks for the 'heads up' (as they say in today's parlance!) - keep on sewing!

  3. This post is as happy as having an entire Cadbury's to yourself!!!

  4. Once again, gorgeous post! Thank you :)
    Out of interest, do you have a clever way of stiffening purses or clutches? I use iron on interfacing, but even the thick stuff doesnt give me the desired effect. I had visions of turning a rather smashing tray cloth into a clutch, I gave it a whirl but it was a bit floppy! I will be using it for keeping something pretty in but sadly it shan't be gracing any dancefloors with me! I was thinking of investing in the stuff you make shirt collars out of but am yet to give it a go. Any tips greatly appreciated!

  5. Absolutely beautiful - you are a very talented lady.

  6. Such a lot of lovely bags - but never too many, surely! At least you don't keep them all for yourself (let's not mention the embroideries that haven't been used yet, I can't imagine how fabulous they must be if they're even nicer than these!) Looking forward to the online shop. So sorry I haven't sent your parcel yet, am having a hectic week and want to find some other little treasures for you so am not rushing it - hopefully it will be a nice surprise for you when it finally arrives! Rachel x

  7. Thank you as always - sadly some lovely bags that I have made I can no longer find photos of, lost in a morass of imagery! Anna - some of the bags have no interfacing, those are the ones that I tend to use for everyday shopping (I need them 'saggy' to cram all the shopping in when I am on my bike!). I too just used heavy weight interfacing - you can also interface your lining but I have found just one layer gives the right amount of hold. I would imagine that the stiffer it is the more difficult it them becomes to sew. I have also used iron on wadding for a bit of puffiness if needed. I tend to steer away from anything too fancy - my brain cannot cope!! Rachel - plllllleeeeeassssseeeee do not worry, I have a house that is chokker already just the little lady would be very sweet thank you and only when you have time.

  8. I am constantly amazed at the incredible work in the embroidery pieces - that one with the pansies is sublime!

    How exciting that you are going to be selling....I'm looking forward to seeing your shop!

  9. Hi sweet Jenny! You have a stunning collection of amazing embroideries and have made them into gorgeous bags! I enjoyed this lovely post very much! Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos! I don't think you could ever make, or have, too many bags! You do make me laugh! I am sure you could never have enough of embroideries either! I am so sorry people are still pinning your photos! I hope they will respect your request! Much love, Paula xo

  10. I am sorry to hear about all that P...t mess! I have to say that I am quite busy with my own stuff (disease, my blog that I want to change, and my shop on the French site "A Little Market")... I've never been on P...t!
    It is much more pleasant to read your words, as delicate as your creations!
    And I can say that the little Easter bag with the blue embroidered flowers in circle now live in France... Yes Madame!
    Kisses and hug, Jenny! Wwhen you don't read a blog for a long time, it is a pleasure to "refind" it!

    1. Ah Anne-Sophie - how lovely to hear from you. How is life in your lovely part of the world? I hope that all is well for yourself and your business thriving. Thank you for your kind words
      Best wishes

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