Friday, 16 March 2012

Vintage dresses and the joy of Horrockses!

Ah the loveliness of vintage clothing - sadly 99.99% far too small for my own wobbly body but something that Bronte is now enjoying.  I think that this dress is simply edible in its loveliness.  The cardigan is one that I used to wear back in the 80s but dates from the late 50s/60s I think - Bronte wears it all the time so now is becoming a little threadbare (not that that bothers us - along with chipped and cracked china, ripped and drawn in books and holey fabrics!).  Not to worry as I have a few others - Bronte has 'gone off' the lovely beaded ones that I have....but they will return!
I may have mentioned previously my love of old hangers....

We love kaleidoscopic colours and different textures

Bronte is not soooo fond of this dress pictured above - I keep toying with the idea of snip snipping it up into something else....yikes
Old and new and clashing patterns
Another favoured dress of mine that I used to wear - always wore it back to front (buttons down the front) and always wore it with this ribbon around my waist...ribbon not quite long enough if I tried this now.  Bronte does look lovely in this though..has been mended once or twice.

No - it was not me who bought this in 1958!  This dress I have photographed before - it has the ability to stand up all by itself with its heavily interfaced skirt.
Bronte also is now the proud (?) owner of my original 60s tartan leggings that I also used to wear circa 1985 - complete with 60s M&s jumper and suede jacket!
Here is Bronte being 'forced' to model an old knitted beret...

Oh how we laughed!

And then stopped laughing...

Sadly Bronte is wearing her school uniform and nothing else is vintage in these photos!
I am now off to try on some old dresses and then weep as I realise I can no longer even get one thigh in let alone anything else...


  1. Oh my what a fantastic collection of vintage dresses, what a very lucky Bronte. I lost all mine due to a stupid parental mistaken clearout... I am still grieving 10 years on!!
    I'm trying hard not to feel jealous!! smiles Cass x

  2. Gorgeous dresses. I, too have a collection of dresses that I wore in the 80s and 90s that don't fit anymore (apart from 2 that I wear over jeans). I wonder if my daughter will be interested in them when she's a little older. Hope so.

  3. Oh - what gorgeous dresses - hanging together they look a bit like a collage of Liberty. The white with grey roses would've been my favorite to wear - Love it! Your beret actually looks back in fashion--like a slouch hat (maybe without pom pom). Your daughter is lovely and how much fun to see the dresses being worn again!

  4. Hi sweet Jenny! I love your gorgeous vintage dresses!!! What a fabulous collection you have! I am so glad your beautiful Bronte enjoys wearing them! xo~ Paula

  5. The dress with the leaf pattern reminds me of the dungerees that my teddy is wearing! The dungerees started out as a dress that my now 84 year old auntie had when she was a late teenager. This dress was then passed down to my mum, who is now 78, then mum made them into dungerees for me when I was about 18 months old (and I'm nearly 50!) and now teddy wears them! I can't imagine much of today's fabric will survive as long.

  6. I love the photo of all the dresses hung up together, it's so beautiful! and I love an old hanger too, I dread to think how many I've lost or abandoned in house moves over the years, before I learnt to embrace my hoarding of vintage tat! x

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