Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Steady as she goes.....getting distracted again!

I have managed to break my steadfast concentration today and was reminded about the windbreaks that I have made in the past from vintage fabrics.  As I have mentioned in previous postings the joy of making things yourself is that they can be just how you want them to be! So these are a break away from traditional seaside colours and themes but are jolly florals.  I made them with deep pockets on one side so that all that 'seasidey stuff' can be safely stored away.

Not quite the season for beach parties but wind breaks are certainly needed today if you are venturing onto the beach!

I confess that these are a bit of a fiddle faddle to make (could that be because I sew surrounded by so much 'stuff' that it is difficult to move big bits of sewing around...??) but simple enough.  I double stitched all the seams for extra strength.

This one looks a bit small in this picture but they are both of 'proper' size.  A few years ago I bought lots and lots of this fabric - I have a range of hats and bags from is one:

This afternoon I am now considering setting up a shop called 'Windbreaks R Us'  - a bespoke wind break service....I really had better get back to work...
I will pop back


  1. I love the windbreaks dear Jenny! You are so very clever! The fabrics are gorgeous! I love the added pockets! You should bring extras, as everyone that sees it will want to purchase one! Love your shop name! hee hee! xoxo Paula

  2. Oooh a clever retro idea! Everyone should have a pocket in their windbreak for keeping a bucket and spade and suncream (she says, dreaming of needing suncream). How talented you are :)