Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring has indeed Sprung!

Peaking (and peeking) too soon as always - but have been desperate to get out the vintage Easter 'stuff' - what is really revealed by these photographs is the shocking amount of dust!!!

I have been sifting through all the old cardboard Easter eggs that I have and decided that I may have one or two more than I really 'need'...

These teeny, tiny cups and saucers were bought at a car boot a few years ago - together with the teapot they cost £4 and they have remained on my mantle piece ever since (they just get a seasonal addition every now and again!).  They came from Japan originally and are very, very sweeeeeet. The tin egg I bought the other day from the 'Shop that sometimes opens' (soon to be renamed the 'Shop that opens more frequently than it used to') - 20p (to be honest most things are 20p in there)

Note that the Christmas decorations are still hanging from the light - well, it will soon be that time of year again!! What goes around comes around - literally.

Every jug and pot gets a vintage egg in it...I have a few jugs and pots....Dom is still insisting that less is more....

And then there is the sorting and sifting of the vintage tins....I do like this one with the deer and bunny

I also like this 'range' - again (sadly..) there is one for every season and seasonal event so 'stock' can be carefully rotated according to the time of year.  This bunny one I have seen selling on ebay for extraordinary sums of money - it is in fact cardboard with a metal lid
I have not taken photos of all eggs and tins - that would just be crazy!

 My old china heads were dug up on our allotment - which, handily, used to be a Victorian rubbish dump - they usually live in the cups when cups not being used for seasonal items.

Cheep, cheep

Thank you again for kind comments - I am going to tackle why I cannot directly comment on my own blog today.  I have tried now on several computers!  Thank you also for not pinning my photos elsewhere - they become sad when separated from home...Must get on as proper job is bearing down on creative diversions!


  1. Oh Jenny!!! I LOVE all your amazing and beautiful vintage Easter decorations! You have a wonderful collection and I am so glad you shared it! I love Easter and you have inspired me so much! I didn't have much luck over the weekend in finding any vintage Easter goodies, but I will keep looking. I love the tins, the eggs, the dishes and the chicks! You could never have enough of vintage pretties! How wonderful you dug up the old china doll heads on your allotment! That is just amazing! I have found marbles in my garden, but they weren't even vintage! Hee hee! Love, Paula xoxo

  2. Fabulous! and I love your tiny green china!

  3. Thank you again - Paula please let me know if you cannot find a tin I am sure (cough, cough) that I will have another one that I would be happy to send to you. Marbles are good too - for years I had a collection of them in an old glass jar on the mantle piece..have a creative day! Jenny x