Monday, 26 March 2012

Let us have a cup of tea together...

Just passing by - thank you for all your kind words, I will respond in full when time and tide allow.  Let us have a quick cuppa until we meet again...lovely sunny weekend and able to eat my sarny outside for a change! Actually I had a cup of milk on Saturday - I drink more than enough tea!

Ah - here comes the tea, in case you were worried.  Different day, different tray!

I know that the dish (from the 'under the bed china range') on the left doesn't 'go' - it was serving a different purpose which I will add in tomorrow.  Note that I like my tea weak please and no sugar thank you very much. Until we meet again my old china....


  1. Oh Jenny your collection of china and trays is stunning! A blue and grey checkmate cup - I have 3 orange and grey ones, I've never even seen your colourway - and the milk jug in the 2nd photo - I will dream about that tonight! (Yes I am that sad)Can't even talk about the trays, they're too gorgeous. And that tea looks just right to me. Thank you for sharing as always. x

  2. Hi dear Jenny, I love your vintage dishes and trays! So cheerful and fun! It would be lovely to have tea with you sweet friend! xo~ Paula

  3. Many thanks - I too dream about china and China (my sisters are there at the moment so not as odd as it may sound!). Tea is always being made so all are welcome