Sunday, 18 March 2012

Minimum expenditure - maximum returns

There is a rule that states the following:'Happiness is inversely proportional to amount of money spent' - in other words you do not need to spend a lot to feel  happy (by the way I am also aware that real happiness is derived elsewhere).  Today Bronte asked if she could come with me to the car boot -  I did warn her that I do not dilly dally on the way so no complaints about being cold and speed of walking please!
Here is our expenditure for the 30 or so minutes:
40p - entry fee (20p each)
50p - leather binocular case (minus handles)
30p - 11 metres of  binding (length as stated on the cardboard - to be used as handles for the above)
50p - Bambi tapestry - to be made into a bag for Bronte
50p - two white Saxifrage plants
20p - each for a 'range' of vintage children's games
30p - old very large tapestry of cottage by the sea
150p - a selection of Edwardian whitework embroideries - numbering about 6 pieces in total
100p - two vintage embroidered tablecloths

We were most pleased with the binocular case (minus handles) and that the stall just a few along was selling haberdashery so we were able to purchase braiding to fashion handles - Bronte is most pleased! Wish I had bought more of the old games - there were lots of them but the 'needs not wants' rule sometimes has to come into play.  Mind you that rule was dropped when I bought the tablecloths....I could of course do the usual thing where I list the things that I did not buy and chew off my knuckles thinking about it....

I remembered how many, many years ago Dom had bought my good self an old binocular case from Camden market....what goes around....
How many beautifully stitched little leather bags could you buy for that price in the shops I wonder

Bronte has always been very fond of this old straw hat!  Sometimes we decorate it for Easter!

Oh forgot that I also bought a colourful box that had old china candle holders and candles in it - 50p (I needed those - gulp)

Oh and some fabric pennants - I only bought these because we are going to Venice this year so I am going to fashion a bag and sew these on!

I had put this photo on Flickr also - as Bronte is off to Germany on Tuesday I foraged around for some suitable items - a 1950s fabric covered photo album and a 60s suitcase! Just what the modern girl around town needs...

So very little spent but good fun was had.  I hope that you had some 'good' purchases too and don't worry I will also have to be having La Grande Clearout to compensate!

PS: A strange thing has happened where I cannot reply to comments (even if I have logged myself out) and cannot access my own blog directly - I have to go round the houses and access via Blogger, I usually forget my password and have to start all over again. I am sure it will sort itself out eventually but irritating until it does!


  1. I found your blog via flickr, just love it!!Bronte looks stunning, love the bag, tres chic!

  2. Hi dear Jenny! Bronte is gorgeous!!! I love her outfit and the binoculars case! I would never have thought to do that! You are a amazing sweet friend! I am so happy the two of you had a lovely outing and found so many good bargains! I love all of your vintage pretties! I do hope Bronte has a fabulous and safe trip! She will enjoy the photo album and suitcase! Perfect for her trip! xo~ Paula