Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring cheeriness!

Oh what a lovely weekend it has been - I was teaching at the university but that did not detract from the niceness of it all - a great deal of pottering has been done and a great deal of sifting through fabrics.  Not quite as much making has been completed but hey ho!  Could I please kindly request at the start of this posting that these photos are not pinned elsewhere - in my last post that fell upon deaf ears within a few hours...sadness....

Anyway today we painted some eggs - I am far too parsimonious to buy real blue eggs so painting will have to suffice.  I had gone to the car boot (cough, cough) and bought lots of lovely Spring pots so used them here.

I think that I have gone on (and on) about this little egg cup holder before but I think it is most splendid.  I bought it a couple of years ago for the grand sum of 10 pence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a stall of great splendour and everything was pennies - the woman who was running it said that if I came back after 1.30 I could have everything for FREE (she really, really did not wish to take anything home again).  I did not return at 1.30 - only because I had bought two Victorian rhubarb forcers and I was on my pushbike.  Regrets....I have had a few...

 This egg cup holder is Edwardian I think (maybe a little older) and each egg cup is prettily painted over a transfer.  Similarly note the great care that has been taken by my good self when painting the eggs - oh dear - I did get the hairdryer out to speed up the drying (I am not the patient sort...)

I love the mix of colours in these photos and the sun was so bright it was all deliciously nice. Can you hear the chicks cheeping?

The little chicks were reduced in Paperchase the other day - I bought a range of sizes and colours.  Of course my favourite Easter tablecloth got another outing - I saw one of these sell on ebay recently for crazy money...I am hanging on to mine

Egg drying is quite an art!

With some of the other pots that I bought I put them into an old Blue Bird tin - carefully retrieved from the garden shed (where there might be some more tins and some jugs and perhaps a few Edwardian tureens - all  pressed into gardening action when the time is right).

Not quite finished in this photo but quick and easy to do nevertheless - I have put a layer of gravel on the bottom for drainage.  I hope that you had a sunny day too


  1. Your photos are so beautiful! I love the idea of planting flowers in a vintage tin.

  2. Dear Jenny, What an absolutely delightful post! I am so glad it has been sunny there in beautiful England! It has been all rain here in Louisiana, but today the sun is peeking out from the clouds and making me feel better! I love your painted eggs filled with posies and your gorgeous Edwardian egg cup holders! The little chicks are so sweet and match your blue eggs perfectly! I love the old tin!!! It is gorgeous!!! What a clever idea to fill it with beautiful spring flowers. On my next antique outing I will definitely be on the lookout for some old tins. Thank you for all the inspiration you share! Oh, I love your Easter tablecloth too! xo~ Paula

  3. If only I lived closer you could have come round and collected some of my blue eggs!

  4. Thank you - so very easy to do but looks pretty enough. Easter is a very joyful time of the year I think - full of hope and promise