Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

Dom (perhaps we should use his full name - Dominic - today) is the soda bread maker in the household so guess what is for lunch! As per usual for this time of the year I use my vintage Irish dancing purse today!  Maille has kindly volunteered to don her Irish hard dance shoes and put on a little Irish dance show for me later..  No prizes for also guessing what Dom will be watching on the telly this afternoon - he is not so fond of vintage things but he is rather partial to his rugby! As we listen to RTE today via the wonders of t'internet it has been interesting to hear of Irish festivities around the world, in places I would not have thought of.  I have decided not to revisit my photograph of myself with the wonderful Ronnie Drew - it is still on flickr if you care to seek it out.  Seeing the Dubliners in Dublin many years ago was a marvellous thing - Dom's uncle knew the Dubliners when they started out so called Ronnie over...


  1. Hello dear Jenny! I hope you enjoy the soda bread! Your Irish dancing purse is beautiful! Lovely photo too! Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day! xo~ Paula

  2. Soda bread! Yum! Have a great St Patricks day! x

  3. I love soda bread!
    I hope Dom enjoyed the rugby! I certainly did!!!!!