Thursday, 29 March 2012

A weekend of tra la la'ing...

Ah the sun is well and truly out and the clocks have leaped forward (so did not wake up at 4 but 5!  Hurrah!).  Finally got some seeds planted -  we had promised that we would do them extra early this year but the best laid plans...Did a little bit of sewing but mainly supped tea with friends and did little 'arrangements' around the house (nothing new there then!).  Still not decanted all vintage eggs from hidey holes but nearly there. I very nearly did not buy any tablecloths but luckily one came into view when the weekend was nearly done.  I also bought two bags - the Welsh tapestry one is not really my sort of bag (too refined really) but it ticked the boxes of cheap and pretty so....

 Just two stalls along there was this scarf for 20p and I thought that it went quite well with the bag - one day I will photograph my scarf 'collection' (I am wincing at that thought).

This other one was such lovely colours and it was only one of our English pounds - I have one or two of these wooden handled bags but....

Also in a proper shop ( this is such a rare event it merits underlining and italics) - I bought myself two vintage dresses.  Rare indeed to find old dresses that now fit my expanding girthage and rare again to find them, at what I call, a reasonable price.  I do realise that I have lost touch with the 'real' cost of things - just to highlight this I will share that I only have two pairs of shoes.  Both pairs are well over 6 years old and both were bought in a sale - I alternate shoes daily.   I think that I would faint if I had to buy shoes today. Dom hates my shoes...I am a bag lady...mmm...I am now wondering if I could fashion some shoes out of vintage embroideries...

The other dress is a cotton frock from the late 50s with a wonderful little bird print - nice and chirpy.

When I produced my purse to pay for the dresses the shop owner asked where I got my purse from...a bit of chatting later and she asked if she could sell some of my things in her shop.  I will be a little boastful here and say that I have been asked this before always shy away from it - today I said yes.  I decked out a little vintage basket with some items and tra la la'd back to the shop on my bike - I felt very Dickensian taking my goods to the Emporium.

By the way whilst sorting through tablecloths for tea on Sunday I came across the matching tablecloth to the bag that I made - surely you didn't think that I would have just the one!!!

Sad though that this photo is now on Pinterest - it would be so much kinder if people who used Pinterest asked first or even if you could leave a kind message here but the taking without asking is poor indeed

As my dad would say - this looks like delerium!!!


  1. Hello dear Jenny! Each post is just as delightful as the others! I love your wonderful finds! The dress is the sweetest thing! I am so happy that you said 'yes' to the shop owner! I know your beautiful creations will sell very well! The basket you fixed up is lovely! The tablecloth and bag are both gorgeous!!! love what your dad would have said! :) It really is very pretty though! xo~ Paula