Saturday, 31 March 2012

The love of little things - this week sewing machines..

Ah - there is something compelling about 'smallness' - I have previously posted one of our dolls houses and the things therein.  Today I will add in some of my little sewing machines.  Here is Little Betty - a bit dusty around the edges - but she lives with me in my sewing room.  She is not very good at sewing larger items.  She cost  30p.  She is dusty.

Little Betty used to live in the 'room of redness'.....

....the 'room of redness' also suffers from a dust issue.

What is not to love about a Vulcan!

I cannot find my photos of the Junior out of its box but rest assured it is lovely

The Vulcan is not dissimilar in appearance the The Darling...which is of adult size!

I bough this from a car boot and is complete with all its Bakelite accessories

Not the best photo - but in 'real life' this looks so moderrrn.

A few weeks ago  I came across this wonder in a charity shop - I have owned several little sewing machines over the years but never one this old with its original case.

Small but perfectly formed

I might make something small today...


  1. They are enchanting - I love small things too! Such a wonderful collection.

    .....a little dust never hurt anyone.

  2. So funny that they named those machines! ;-)
    Hey, I noticed I am your 100th follower: Yay! :-)

  3. I love old sewing machines but confess I was till your posts unaware that there were dinky ones too... I'm going to keep an eye out for one now...
    Nice to know there is a growing family of machines over at your...

  4. I'm afraid you are a bad influence - I never thought before that I wanted to acquire small sewing machines - until you highlighted their names also with their cute selves...

  5. Hi dear Jenny! I love small things too! Your little sewing machines are the sweetest! I love the one that was still in the original case! That is a wonderful find! I am so happy for you! xo~Paula

  6. Many thanks everyone for kind words - glad to rekindle any interest in small things, it brings out the child in us all I think! Next week it will be little irons...oh dear..and then broom...washing machines...ovens..
    Glad too re: dust. I borrowed my friend's glasses yesterday - horrified to see the true extent of dust, best that I stick to my inadequate glasses I think!

  7. i still have my sewing betty in its original box along with a miniature rotary clothes line, washing machine ( with wringer), cane dolls pram and my pedigree doll. i also have a wooden toy piano with original paintwork and a wooden kitchen dresser with china dinnerset. i also have many items of dolls clothes that were made by my mother and nana who were both dressmakers. i grew up in the 50's and 60' sister also has nearly the same items as myself but as she is four years younger hers is a little more modern than mine!