Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Vintage Spring blossom...a retrospective

I am enjoying trawling through my 'old' photos - I took these blossom ones almost a year ago to the day.  I luuuurrrve a crisp white tablecloth with a hint of vintage embroidery and this one with a vase is marvellouso

I have had the tablecloth for years and (like some vintage elephant) at this time of year I fetch out this particular cloth (I have some tablecloths that can only be used one day a year - so there is quite a lot to store in the mind of mine).  The vase I bought in a charity for a pound or so  I think - it is quite beautiful and I do like it very much when things 'match up'

So I wait all year for the blossom to be ready (before the wind gets to it!), pot ready, tablecloth ready.  It's tough I tell you!
This vase is carefully embroidered in each corner - the blossom is very finely done

More blossom pictures from the house

And a favourite cup that usually 
lives on my scales in the sewing room...I don't know why...

Adding in a bag that I made for Blossom Time - must be a little later in the season because this clematis is in bud at the moment:

It is lined with green willow pattern fabric

Oh and then I found some other bags that I had made  - not blossom time but heather time!

Oh nearly forgot my super duper china that I also love to use at this time of year...I lurve this china (a charity shop purchase a few years ago when I bought the cups and saucers - about a year later they had matching plates and cake plate - who knew!).  Dates from the 1890s and was about a pound a piece I think.

I do like a table that is nicely laid - though it is a shame that someone has again posted this onto Pinterest - I really give up with it all and wonder why people are so rude and do not ask first

Finally we have been watching some blue tits carefully deciding whether or not to nest in the bird box that we hid in the old clematis last year - they are simply the most charming of birds don't you think.  I am no photographer so we will have to make do with a vintage embroidered one!!  I have had this embroidery since I was a mum gave it to me...that very remembering is making me well up...

This old cup and saucer is quite pretty too!

Though I think that some of these already are (from Flickr) could I please request that these are not posted again onto Pinterst or elsewhere--  many thanks.  Having just now found these images on Pinterest I have reached the conclusion that many cannot be bothered to read but quite happy to take.....

Bronte has just discovered how to animate photos so adding in this one she has done of the sink!!!

Adding in another photo of mine that I have just found all over pinsect world


  1. What a beautiful post, Blossom, lovely embroidery, those bags and sweet little blue tits. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we both get lucky and get chicks in our nest boxes. Cx

  2. Dear Jenny,

    Your tablecloth and jug are lovely and go together perfectly! I love all of your beautiful vintage and antique dishes! Wonderful prices too! You do set a gorgeous table! I love the pretty bags you made! The blue tit embroidered tablecloth your mum gave you is a beautiful treasure! I do hope they make a nest in your garden. We have lovely Carolina Wrens nesting in a wreath on one of our doors. There are five brown and white speckled eggs in their amazing nest! Love, Paula xo.... Love Bronte's animated photo! Well done!