Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Along with the fairground comes the circus......

Still peaking too early and should wait for the summer season when the circus arrives and builds a little town on our common for a week or so.  The Big Top is particularly exciting all lit up.  I am glad that animals are no longer used in circuses.  I think that the Chinese State Circus is the most breathtaking that I have seen - mainly acrobats and teetering towers of chairs!! This circus china used to live in Bronte's bedroom (I know, I know toast rack in a bedroom what the beeeeeeeeeeeeep is going on!).  The other day I decided that it was time to move this on to pastures new but have had cold feet....again....I love these little stick figures.

As you know you can't go wrong with a nice tin....the lions look unnervingly jolly

I decided that it would be a ridiculous waste of time to go searching for all circus bits and bobs...........did spend some time looking for circus fabric but could not unearth it...

Did not buy much at the car boot today - but 50p did buy a bag of children's books.  Two were about Japanese origami (dating from the 1960s) - and this one had a circus in it!  I will add some more photos in here as I think that this book was a real delight.  Had this book been mine as a child I am sure that I would have removed all the origami inside (also this book must have cost a fortune to produce don't you think?).

So a delightful combination of lovely graphics and original origami.

I would like an origami hat....

...and an origami bug catching net

Happy Origami.....
PS could I please make my usual request for my images not to be used elsewhere - thank you


  1. I just love the circus China.can I ask which car boot you go to please? My local one never has anything so exciting.Maybe that's just as well........

  2. Hi Jenny I too wonder which car boot you go to.My theory is that you are a time traveller and go back to the past and buy things that are current!!As lisa said we never find such delights at our car boots.I must say it's one of the highlights of my day to see what you have posted on your page,please continue. Kind Regards Pam.

  3. i think we have ashtrays in the stick figure circus design, much less appropriate than the toast rack!

  4. I love the stick figures! I agree - animals in the circus - so upsetting. Still happens here.

    I am fascinated with origami - another craft on my list to try!!

  5. Hi dear Jenny! What a delightful post, as always! The circus china is so pretty! I don't think it is odd to have a toast rack in the bedroom. It would be perfect for holding cards, papers, vintage postcards and small books! The tin is adorable and I love the illustration with the boy and girl on the horse. The little terrier looks like my Mr. Poppy! The Origami book is a wonderful find! Such amazing details! Have a lovely rest of the week! xo~Paula

  6. I do love that origami book!! What a fabulous find do keep sharing... and thank you for my little knitting guide and lavender gift which arrive this morning too. Cx

  7. The origami book is amazing, and the china simply delightful. I am envious of your finds as ever...