Thursday, 5 April 2012

Just sending you some flowers - Happy Easter from me to you

As I couldn't decide which was the nicest picture I am sending both and you can decide!

Note that in the picture above I had managed to spill the water from the jug..

My vintage chicken does not realise that she is guarding some chocolate eggs and two plastic ones (because I ate the other chocolate ones...)

I have found three of this type of jug in the last month - I think that the flowers look like iced gems

As you're here please help yourself to a biscuit...or two...
Oh go on you know you deserve it...

Remember the muffin dish from the other week?  Well it is a good place to hide the biscuits and then reveal with a 'tra la la'.  Matched with wonderful place mats from the 1970s  - who knew!

Still cannot decide on the nicest flower photo so will add in another for good measure (wish I had removed my bananas from view!)

I hope that the sun shines on your Easter and that you have rest and kindess

PS As always can I please request politely that these are not posted elsewhere - Pinterest especially


  1. My granny has the iced gem jug, and that is exactly what I have through of every time I have seen it since being a young child!

  2. Hello sweet Jenny! Your photos are so beautiful and your home is gorgeous! It is so cosy and inviting! I love the beautiful cottage jug! So sweet! The flowers are lovely too, as is the embroidery! I love your new jug and the muffin dish! The cookies look yummy! You always make everything so sweet and special! I hope you and your family have a very lovely and blessed Easter! Thank you for popping by to visit me and for your kind comment! Much love, Paula xo

  3. I'm on my way over! Have a great Easter Jenny. Hope to see you soon.

  4. I just, love, love, love your posts! All the pics just make me want to live in them!