Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fairground Attraction...

Following kind words regarding my cups recently - here are those particular ones again in VistaVision!
These were a bargain buy in a charity shop last summer with 6 of everything - Dom was horrified of course!  I do love these types of scenes on china - at car boots I have bought various styles on bowls and plates - mainly by Meakin.  How jolly it all is.

All the fun of the fair in china form - marvellous!

You could then rummage round and find an old children's pop up book (I do like these..cough, cough) - this is one of a long series of books and I used to have this permanently open on our dining table for us to 'ooo' and 'ahhh' over.

All this within the pages of a book - marvellous again! In one of these books pops up a castle, cottage and horse and carriage!!!!  You may recall my vintage pop-up Christmas pudding - if not I will get it out again at Christmas time!!

Oh go on then - I will add in my favourite WI tablecloth for good measure - reminds me of  the local church fete when I was little; incidentally I still have some of the things that I bought there as a child: several  R Whites wooden crates for lemonade (what the heck sort of a child was I !!!) and my lovely Arts and Crafts enamelled tea caddy (the one thing that I will never get rid of).

 Tra la la, fiddle de dee, off I go to make some tea...

Perhaps I should have held back until the summer....


  1. Hi, Jenny,I so look forward to your lovely photo's and words,my favourite ride is the carousel,I always ask my girls to go on with me, even though they are 30 24 and 22!!! THANKYOU for taking the time ro post us all these fab.things. Kind regards Pam.

  2. Ooh, all the fun of the fair! Very lovely xxx

  3. Lovely photos. I particularly like the tablecloth.

  4. Hello. I discovered your blog last week and spent a lovely few hours looking at all your photos. I lurve that funfair china! I shall be looking out for that on my travels. Great tablecloth too. It reminds me, somehow, of Janet and John books.

  5. I love your blog.I too had a lovely Goldilocks and the there bears pop up gorgeous.where do you keep (hide_cough cough) all your nice things? Mine are under the spare beds away from hubby.And of course I never hide (c
    ough) any parcels delivered by the Ebay parcel fairy.........

  6. Oh Jenny, is there no end to your lovely treasures?!! You could blog into eternity and never run out! These are so colourful, so desirable. Mary x

  7. Hello dear Jenny! I love your cheerful dishes! What a wonderful set to find too! I got tickled at what you said about Dom! hee hee! The children's pop up book is fantastic! Such detail! I love the tablecloth! What a lovely, happy scene and the colors are beautiful! You have the most wonderful vintage collections! I think it is fabulous that you began buying vintage things as a child. It wasn't until after I had my son that I discovered vintage goodies! What was wrong with me all those years??? :) Much love, Paula xoxo

  8. Thank you all for kind comments - I am running out of hiding spaces and the bed is now several inches higher off the ground than it used to be, few clothes actually in wardrobes and all corners full....oh dearie, dearie me...
    Paula - it is possibly a good thing that you have more recently discovered the joy of older house increasingly takes on the appearance of a scrap yard I fear whilst your home has the freshness of newly made linen.