Friday, 23 March 2012

My sewing room - not so tidy today!!

This shows my sewing room not long after we had decorated it (after a fashion) - so not quite as full as it is today!! Most of these photographs have already been taken from Flickr and posted on Pinterest - so I will ask again for this not to happen.  I was upset yesterday by my photos being posted there within a few hours of me taking them...mmm.  I was up at 4 today (yikes - so that might explain the tired and crabbiness) and was going to shut flickr and blog down in a fit of pique! I could hear my mother telling me not to cut my nose to spite my face so I will continue for the time being.  

Separate posting needed on tins I feel.

I hate it when the fabric I really, really want is at the bottom of the cannot see the dust that I can see....

In the photo above you can just see the remnants of how the room used to be decorated - I painted a piece of cardboard box to look like a fire so that Maille could sit beside it and make tea for us both...awww, sweet (also teeny tiny vintage oven in view bottom right!)

The photo below is a year or two old now - a few things have changed in here since..

Below is the truth behind my sewing - I spend a HUGE amount of time sifting and sorting.  I do work, I do have a proper job but sadly I only sleep about 5-6 hours a night leaving me with plenty of hours to fill with the sifting and sorting.

I actually have a teeny tiny space that I sew in - some might say that is because there is toooo much stuff..
Bitterly regret getting rid of my old sewing machine (I do have some 'proper' old ones mind) as this one has been useless - I bought it with my 'ebay money' - so felt quite virtuous that it had not cost me anything.  If a business would like to sponsor me with a new one I will sell my soul for that offer!!!

The shelf below does not change too much - except at Christmas when they have to make way for vintage Christmas tins of course! 

The awful truth of fabric sorting - this is what takes so long (separate post to come on embroideries..oh dear)
Looking back I can clearly see that things do not remain the same for very long in our house - the mantle piece below is quite different today

This is where I sit and trundle away at my sewing machine - it looks quite bare here, in the early stages of adornment....


  1. Love your sewing room, full of some gorgeous things and I love your fabric piles :) have a great weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Have you thought of adding the new bit of code to your blog from Pinterest that doesn't allow anyone to pin your photos? Might save you some teeth gnashing and sleepless nights.
    Absolutely love your creative mind! I'm a recent follower and now must go straight to your feed in my reader first thing in the morning to see what pretties will be starting my day. Thanks for sharing all the loveliness.

  3. Hi Jenny!
    I have been behind on reading your blog, and flickr, so I am spending time this morning as I have a few hours extra today. I am sorry you are bummed out at the pinning and theft of your photo's. There must be a way to protect them...I am not sure of such things computerie. I have just decided to give up, as there is no manners anymore, people steel and don't even know they are doing it. I'm not going to let it get me upset I decided, and I have been copied for many years, even by China. But,what's a gal to do, hide away, never share, that's no fun, like being afraid all the time. Anyhow, I love your sewing room, it is very tidy compared to the mess I have. I must learn to put things away. I can tidy the rest of the house, but not my sewing room, or, not for long anyhow. I love the bag with the flower lady watering the garden, is that considered a Crinoline Lady? I admire your home and creativity. Your Easter treasures are a you are.

    Enjoy the weekend, and.....send me your mailing address.

  4. Oh, what lovely eye-candy everywhere: thank you! :-)
    I've closed down my Pinterest account last week, it just didn't feel right...

  5. Oh my... what a lovely creative space to sew in and an enviable collection of goodies to play with...

  6. Hello dear Jenny! I am terribly sorry to hear your photos are still being posted after you so kindly ask for them not to be! It is very bad manners for people to do this when you have asked them not to! I am relieved that you did not delete your blog or flickr! We all get so much enjoyment in looking at your gorgeous photos, your creations, your home, your family and your lovely writings! Please don't leave, you have friends that appreciate what you share and respect your wishes. I do so love your sewing room! It is beautiful and all the sweet vignettes, vintage fabrics, sewing notions and books are delightful! You need a Singer Featherweight! I love mine, it is from the 1940's, and is the cutest thing and such a little workhorse!!! I love sewing on it and it is superior to any new machine made today! It would fit right in your gorgeous vintage sewing room! You are so inspiring! Love, Paula xo

  7. Lovely post, Jenny, thanks for the ogle.
    Hen x

  8. Thank you for sharing all the lovely pictures of your sewing space! all that yummy fabrics, and those fabulous coffee pots!

  9. Your room is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing your lovely home & creations, despite the inconsiderate people who don't heed your polite requests to leave your photos where they are! I'm sure you can block pinning from your Flickr account, and probably from your blog as well.

    By the way I received your parcel today, so many lovely treats and wrapped so gorgeously as well, thank you so much - but I don't think you've sent me your address so I can send yours, which I really want to do! e-mail me and it will be on its way to you. I hope you have a lovely sunny weekend. x

  10. Hello everyone and thank you for kind words - it is in a constant state of reshuffling. I think that I have now blocked pinning on flickr. Not being IT literate I am having difficulties adding the bit of wordage that stops them being posted from here but I will keep trying. A Singer Featherweight sounds good - I do not need a fancy machine as I only sew in straight lines!! Have a sunny day

  11. I love your sewing room. It is actually used for sewing projects. I look through photos of many sewing rooms on line and most don't look like there has been a tap of work done in there. All beautiful, organized etc. etc., with the obligatory turquoise painted walls or furniture along with the turquoise rolling cart from Idea, a white xmas tree for exams and a ladder quilt display. BORING!

    I love your eclectic choice of vintage fabrics, accessories, storage etc. A room that sparks creativity!