Thursday, 22 March 2012

Unfinished business...

Shame on me - yesterday evening I completed a bag that I started making nearly a year ago to the day.  This set me on the path of wondering how many other unfinished bags were lurking around the house...

This is the one that I managed to complete -

Lined with my favourite of the moment - vintage double damask - replete with vintage Mother of Pearl button (sewn on with vintage Sylko!!), topped with some deliciouso 1940s/50s barkcloth garden fabric.  Managed to get this done so that I could watch The Apprentice (mainly for the music!). Very sad to see that by the end of the day this photo is on Pinterest and repinned (or whatever it is) many times over already.  I thought that I shared enough with my blog and flickr...

The one below remained handleless for some time - I no longer have it so must have put handles on at some stage.

I made a matching purse for this one here all finished below:

Two photos of this one - I am looking at this bag as we speak - still without its handles.  Useless on so many levels!
The pansy embroidery is/was particularly lovely - I sold it at a vintage fair to a woman from Australia (she bought a few - if you read this please drop me a line and let me know how the bags are faring!)

I have been trying to find an older photo of a bag with a marvellous embroidered cottage and garden that I finally finished last year - I put it on Etsy (the one and only thing I have have ever listed there!) for about a day then took it off again in a moment of shyness - I think that that finally went to Australia too...

Next week it will be graphic prints from the 1950s....par exemple:

This was our breakfast table about an hour ago - children think I am crazy taking photos of our food! Enough already!
PS Thank you regarding Pinterest - these last few posts have not appeared there.  Sorry again about comments - I can only edit posts by logging on in Blogger and cannot do much more than that.  All a bit odd
Thank you for asking Carolyn re: bags - sorry to reply here!  I do have another version of  the garden embroidery so when the time is right I will make another bag and let you know! On flickr I am also the custards - a bit predictable really!


  1. I LOVE your " an English country garden" bag! If you ever add handles, I'd love to buy it! What is your Flickr account name? I'd love to see your other photos. I know, that's a question and you're having issues commenting, but if someone else knows and can comment I'd much appreciate it. I love your blog. It's such an inspiration to an apron maker who loves vintage fabrics (and almost everything else vintage as well)!

  2. The pansies are incredible!....and the country garden piece as well!! I don't think I could ever let them go.

  3. Your fabric combinations are wonderful!!

  4. Beautiful Bags!! I agree, you really do have a fantastic eye for combining material...

  5. I have never, repeat, never come across old embroidered tablecloths etc in any op shops i have visited, smaller doiley type things yes but never anything with the amount of needlework you have used to make your bags! SOOOOOOOOOO jealous!

  6. I love all your vintage material... your blog background is to die for!

  7. Yay - I can comment again (though still have to log in and out in order to edit - so not quite normal service!). Thank you for your kind words - our home is testament to the fact that old embroideries are in good supply in my area. The embroidery used in the first photo cost the grand sum of 50p at a local car boot - the woman apologised for asking so much for it...and she then produced a box full of other lovely embroideries, all done by her mother. As so often happens I ended up persuading the person NOT to sell them as they are family pieces - that has never worked! This is extra special as the same embroidery is on both sides - with a different coloured dress. It may take another year to get around to making that one! I will do a posting just on embroideries - I have a few of those..cough, cough. Thank you Carolyn - I am the custards on flickr too (not much imagination). I have thousands of photos there but got fed up of them all being used on Pinterest so restarted my blog - but that has not worked either. Thank you also for comments regarding my background image of my old tins - I will do a posting about the joy of vintage tins I think!
    Have been up since 4.30 today (cannot wait for the clocks to change so we might be back in synch with the sun!)so lots to pack into the day! Hope that it is sunny and warm in your part of the world - Jenny

  8. Hi sweet Jenny! Your bags are gorgeous!!! The embroideries are just amazing and such treasures! I love how you rescue them and turn them into gorgeous bags to be enjoyed for years to come! I love the beautiful Crinoline Lady, as you know, I have a fondness for them as well. I love the "An Old English Garden" and pansies too, both so gorgeous as are all the fabrics! The food looks yummy. I take photos of my food too! I think it must be a "blogger" thing! Much love to you, Paula xo