Thursday, 8 March 2012

On the vintage embroidered street where I live...

Blast it - I was doing so well in my earnest concentration.  I foolishly had a peep into the cupboard where I keep my vintage Easter bits and bobs...grrr..I was 'forced' to get some things out of the said cupboard and 'forced' to 'oooo' and 'ahhh' over some of the contents.  The joy of being a squirrel (not hoarder..cough, cough) is that I do forget where I have hidden each and every vintage Easter tin and cardboard egg there were carefully placed other lovely bits (often this is packed away like a Russian doll - eggs inside eggs inside tins!).  I came across some more wonderful embroidered egg cosies - and then some more -and then some more (therapy starts very soon...).  I will NOT be harbouring any more vintage Easter eggs though - I WILL be moving some on to pastures new (...once I pluck up the courage..sniff, sniff).

Also fear not - these will be used and I will be tra la la'ing around the table festooned with vintage Easter embroideries, my Spring china (not sure which ones...), la di da'ness and a peppering of vintage Easter chicks.

Of course my little cottages will be put to good use - I have photographed these before on Flickr but here there are again now that they are fully ensconced in their vintage embroidered street.

I love these and how they are all different but all perfectly formed.

These last two photos are from my Flickr pages from a while ago - we live in Number 3..

I will leave it there for today - I WILL be spending the remainder of the day preparing a lecture on facial nerves I WILL NOT be sorting through vintage baskets, lining one with vintage bunny fabric and filling with vintage Easter goodies to make a delicious Easter hamper - NO I WILL NOT DO THAT!!  Gulp.
Bye for now....
PS As before could I please ask that my photographs are not placed elsewhere as they are quite happy where they are thank you kindly (I know that in reality this does not make a blind bit of difference..).


  1. O.M.G These are so sweet!!

    Naughty Naughty people for abusing your creativity!!

  2. These are so unbelievably adorable! Too cute for words. I think I could just move right in to one of the cottage cozies!

  3. Oh Jenny,
    I am in heaven just looking at your embroidery egg cosies,,,sigh,,,so pretty, good therapy drooling over all the colors, and the piece they are setting on is amazing. It is like armfulls of fresh flowers. Easter decorating is "the" best fun. You are so funny, and totally normal, no thearapy needed, just time at home creating and decorating. The windbreaks are wonderfull too, what a good idea.,..and the the printed envelope purse, well can I say Genius!
    Cant wait to see all the Easter again this year, I just know you madly got more out than the cosies.
    Your too funn!

  4. Hello sweet Jenny! I am with dear Marcie! I love your embroidered egg cozies! The flowers are darling and the little cottages are so sweet! Oh, what fun you are having and I am so glad you shared it with us! Your words and photos always put a smile on my face. As Marcie said, you are too fun! I am sorry people are taking your lovely photos! I love how you said they are happy where they are at! I sure hope your request will be honored! I look forward to seeing your vintage basket lined with vintage bunny fabric filled with vintage Easter goodies for the loveliest of Vintage Easter Hampers! You are so inspiring! xo~ Paula

  5. PS~ I love the embroidery you have the cozies on too, gorgeous!

  6. those cottages are wonderful! and I think (or hope) that asking nicely for people not to pin your photos does make a difference - I was telling a friend about your story jam jar the other day, and she asked me to pin it so she could see - I told her that I wouldn't and that she'd have to come to your blog to look at them. x

    1. Thank you for that - sad to say I see that picture is already on that site, along with most of my photos from this blog (usually within a day or so of me posting them here). I would not mind sooooo much if those who do the pinning at least left a message of kindness here me it seems like taking without any giving. I feel very differently about kind friends who have commented on my flickr photos or blog. As I have gone on (and on before) I do not sell anything here so make no financial gain....I need to work on that I think!!! Have a sunny day!

  7. Thank you all for you nice words - the embroidery that the cosies are sitting on is a vintage embroidery that is one of my shopping bags (crazy I know but it means that it is used almost every day). The detail on it is amazing. Thank you re:pinning photos - I know that it is a bit daft really but it reflects my obsessive need to keep things in one place! I don't them leaving home and being somewhere else...