Friday, 10 February 2012

Other suitcases that I have known...

Following on from my storming suitcase success (I am joking of course)  I have gathered some old photos of mine to show what useful objects they are.  These ones were nice on the outside but not so nice on the inside - I used vintage wallpaper to line them but anything pretty looking would do.

I used ordinary wallpaper paste - a little packet of this goes a long way - to stick the wallpaper down.  This one normally houses vintage paper lanterns (why wouldn't it!) but this particular day Bronte had made these peg doll dancers.  The suitcase was the perfect travelling theatre!

The handle had broken so a plait of fabric tied on sorted that out promptly.

I keep all sorts of bits in my suitcases - large and small (the bigger ones are on top of our wardrobe - I shall dust them off!).  All too often I forget what is inside so every day can be like Christmas when I open them up.

This one has some different wallpaper and is very small.  I bought it over a thousand (!!) years ago (slight exaggeration for comedic effect..) from my favourite jumble sale spot - at the time of purchase it was full of sylkos - it would have been about 20-30p (I was a student at the time!).  Just think of the things that I could have bought back then if I had had some money....
As always could I please ask that my photos are not posted elsewhere (Pinterest) - I like my photos just where they are

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  1. Really like the idea of decking out a vintage suitcase as a travelling theatre. And I was only thinking about re-living the childhood fun of making pegdolls the other day. Just need to find somewhere that still sells dolly pegs!