Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cakes aplenty!!

Some may know I am very partial to a home baked cake - quick and easy ones at that.  Put the cake with some vintageness and tra la!  I am beginning to take my photos from flickr (there are soooo many of them and I think that they may be a bit lost over there) and blogging them here with a little more information and detail than I have put on flickr I think. Here are some old and new cakes!

A more recent make of blueberry muffins - very, very easy but always delicious.  I do like these vintage souvenir tablecloths (especially if  they are images local to your good self) . 

Hearts are such an easy shape to make - cut out from an old cereal packet.

Initials are simple enough too!! Mix in a nice vintage tablecloth (from the selection that you have carefully stored away...), plus one of those plates you have hiding in the back of the wardrobe...
This is a Blue Peter recipe for flapjacks - mixed with a 1970s tablecloth and an Edwardian cake rack!!!!
Quick interview: 'Could we please ask if you cook using old implements and cooking utensils?'
                          'Yes indeed....I have a few...oh dear this dreadful cough again...'

This is my favourite little teapot (a whole English pound from the car boot), Melaware plastic cups (also come with us camping, with the plates and the rest of the set), the china  plates were given to me by one of my sisters when I was about 16 (always best to hang on to everything I find..), I have had the other stuff so long I can no longer remember from whence it came.
Thank you for your kind comments - I wish I knew how to blog properly - every day my children log me out and everyday I cannot remember how to log in!


  1. I've put a pound on just by looking at those muffins....

    1. Ho, ho - and I put on even more by looking AND eating!! Cripes!