Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Delicate teeny weeny chintz cups

These were rediscovered yesterday as I was decanting stuff from one room to another (plus half a dozen teapots strangely!) - I did have the teapot at one stage so I am not sure where that has evaporated to.  Are these coffee cups or tea cups?  They are balanced on their teeny weeny saucers in this photo.  I have a multitude of tiny vessels that I use for flowers or doll's tea parties!


  1. Oh Good Heavens! I've just spent FAR too long admiring your photos on Flickr, and now I find you have a blog as well! Your collections are so gorgeous, I love it all. Trouble is, I may not get anything else done....

  2. Tea? Coffee? Who knows, but they are SOOO pretty!