Thursday, 1 April 2010

Crinoline ladies and their endless variety

I am a little partial to those crinoline ladies of yore - why are they so popular I wonder?  For me it is the endless variety - even the same embroidery patterns are never embroidered quite the same way twice.  I bought two items featuring this perennial lady at the car boot last week - a jug and a printed cushion cover (bizzarely this was buried inside another cushion cover and wrapped around a towel!).  Both rather sweet. 


  1. Thanks for the comments. Yes, finding your way around blogs is a bit strange to start with. The only way to search that I know is to use a normal search engine like Google. I think the way most people find blogs is to just link from one blog to another. Most bloggers have a list of blogs they like, or they get comments from other bloggers, and if you see one that looks interesting, follow it! This is why all bloggers complain of never having enough time to follow all the blogs they like!

    To follow a blog, you need to be logged in to Blogger, and then you can just click the 'Follow' button on the blog you like. Not all blogs have the 'Follow' button, so the other way is to copy the address (or URL) of the blog you like (e.g., then go to the Blogger Dashboard (link at the top of page), and in the 'Blogs I'm Following' section, click on 'ADD'. You can then paste the address in where it says URL, and then follow the options. Hope that helps!

  2. Hello again - thank you very much for your time over my incompetence! What a complicated business but I am sure I can crack it! I will give it a whirl over Easter - see you on the flip side!

  3. Hi Jenny - so pleased to have found you! I've just gone through all you old posts so now I'm completely up to date! Lovely pictures as ever!
    Wend (Flickr contact!)