Thursday, 13 October 2011

Getting distracted....again

Meant to have a very quick search for a particular tea cosy (more properly a tea cover as it has no padding) didn't find the one that I was looking for but did remind myself of these:

Some of them I have used to make lovely (I think!) little bags (just right for little things) - so often these cosies are embroidered on both sides so double the value I reckon
I particularly like one with houses on:
This type always seem to have lots and lots of embroidery - the more the merrier!


  1. Utterly gorgeous. I'm drooling rather disgustingly....

  2. I am helpless when it comes to vintage embroidered linens. How can you get anything done when you have those covers to play with?

  3. Lots of tea cosy love from me too. I like to make bunnies from my vintage linens and I also make bags, not as pretty as yours though sweetie. x

  4. Glad to read that I am not alone in my hoarding! I could quite look at embroidery rather than watch the telly! I am quite fortunate in that I get/need very little sleep - those extra hours allow for plenty of gazing time!