Sunday, 9 October 2011

Getting ready for Christmas - starting too early??

Well I have already starting opening the vintage Christmas cupboard and sifting through the contents.  Vintage 'stuff' lends itself very well to the Christmas festivities don't you think?  I am in the process of sorting through my Christmas bits and bobs - but started making little Christmas displays that I can then photo for my Christmas cards.

This is a favoured Christmas tin - just right for mince pies!
This wreath I made back in the summer, on a very hot day.  I am just in the process of making some more as my sisters have persuaded me that it would be a good idea to have a stall at one of the popular vintage fairs next month.  I fear that I will only have the shabbier end of shabby chic to sell so I am trying to 'up my game'
In fact I know what will happen - my sisters and I will end up just swopping with each other and we might just as well stay at home.  I intend to remain resolute and clear some space in our house!  Watch this space!  Can I just add here that for some quirky reason I cannot comment on my own blog or the blog of anyone else - not sure why. Any solutions gratefully received.


  1. I love the bauble wreath. Love it!

    Not sure about the commenting but I had another problem with Blogger recently and I changed my browser to Google Chrome and now all is (reasonably) well. I've seen other comments from people who have done the same thing, so maybe you should try it. Good luck!

  2. Wish I lived closer Jenny! I'd love to come and rummage on your stall.
    Re comments - I had the same problem and was told that it was because I had the "stay signed in box" checked.I unchecked it and it seems to have done the trick.

  3. Read about you in Mollie Makes and had to come have a nose at your blog. The reason you can't comment might have something to do with when you sign in, and checking the box which says 'keep me signed in' or some such. Untick it and you should be OK. The downside is that everytime you want to do anything with blogger, you have to sign in again.
    Love your wreath... I have used a box of colourful baubles (pink, turquoise and silver) as the photograph for my cards this year...made before summer!!! Well, I was in the mood and these days I just do what I am in the mood for. Sadly a lot of that is baking and eating the results, but never mind!
    Good luck with the fair.

  4. Hurray that worked - many thanks for the advice. I am back in blog land!

  5. I had a robin cloth just like that but sold it on ebay - boo - it looks so pretty maybe I should have kept it. Love your blog btw. Found you via Ticking Stripes.