Saturday, 1 October 2011

Is the saying 'More is more' or is it 'less...'.? Anyway purses nearly all done!

There was a little bit of vying for pole position in these photographs!!  Not q-u-i-t-e finished (you might be able to spot this!) but wanted to take a photo of them on a sunny morning - all in rows like soldiers.  Off to a shop that had kindly ordered this batch - I hope that they like them because there are only so many purses that I can use in a lifetime! 

You may have heard of the shop that ordered these purses - if you see them when you are tra la la'ing around town please let me know.

I will post a picture of the backs of these purses as I think that the fabric is rather lovely

I see that this has been on Pinterest for some time and just to demonstrate that I will post this - where people do clearly read what I have written but then clearly choose to ignore it -  it was merrily repinned by the person who had read that 'I was not happy'...mmmm
lovely re-use of embroidered linens
lovely re-use of embroidered linens
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Wilma O'Dell LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!
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Sandy Reid This is tooooo cute!
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Melissa Meyer Ely This would be a great gift for a bride on her wedding day. Does anyone know of a pattern? I checked the host website and she does not offer any instructions, just pictures of her projects (and she doesn't seem to be too happy her pictures are being posted on Pinterest!). I have my late mother-in-law's embroidered pillow cases and these would be fabulous to give to her granddaughters.


  1. Nice purses.I love the vintage embroidery.I found you on flikr.

  2. Oh wow Jenny - is this CK by any chance? Love the cathedral window cushions.

  3. Wow, those purses are some of the most gorgeous I've ever seen! No, really!

  4. Many thanks each - having sorted out my 'not being able to comment' issue I then ran into the same thing all over again! Mollie Makes was a bit of fun and the children were excited by it all!

  5. Love the cushions and purses!x

  6. Just found you through Mollie Makes. These purses are gorgeous! In fact everything on your blog is lovely!

  7. love the purses do you share the pattern at all ? new to your blog